underwater civilization

underwater civilizationThe territory of our planet is covered by two-thirds water, everybody knows it . Perhaps our planet should be called not the Earth , and some other way , for example. Water or ocean . Despite the fact that we have a lot of water , water, and to this day remains for us aggressive environment . We learned how to muddle float on the water surface , not very fast, but still … and we have learned to dive, not very deep , however, and only diving, but still … and we have learned to dive to a large and bulky devices are relatively deep , but not very long time, so a bit. We can say that we are slightly scratching the surface the most powerful , cunning and generous environment of our world.

After a while it became boring to live alone on this planet. No friends , no brothers on reason . We began to look for them. We are trying to find some unusual worlds , invent some nesusvetnye theory about parallel worlds , sometimes forgetting that next to us , just around the corner , perhaps there is a civilization that not only caught up with us in the development, but also surpassed . What is this mysterious civilization which is like next to us , but , in fact, so far as to get to it until we are not able to ?

This civilization underwater inhabitants .

So, it all started with Atlantis.

How many copies were broken in the debate : was or was not Atlantis ? Someone argued that Plato did not see or hear , and that his mention of Atlantis – it’s just a late insertion . However, to whom, and why it took to insert false information , is not quite clear. Writers develop fertile and gave us a decent amount of really good and quite realistic novels about Atlantis , the Atlanteans , to the underwater civilization. But the ” boom underwater theme verse somehow by itself before the invasion of UFOs.

Now about UFOs and space not only lazy writes . There are movies and TV shows about UFOs . In short, the UFO outshone Atlantis. And for good reason. Many facts show that side by side with us live and act if not descendants of the Atlanteans , then, at least, that those ” brothers in mind ,” we seek in vain in the sky. And, maybe , they are also trying to contact us? We just do not understand them ? Should we look down from heaven on the water, or rather under the water …
In March 1966, the Institute of the U.S. Navy conducted tests on long-distance underwater communication . Antenna length of almost a kilometer was laid along the continental shelf. It stretches for about a hundred miles off the east coast of the U.S. , then abruptly cut off, and begin on the deepest parts of the Atlantic. At sea, the ship was lowered to the bottom with locators to catch signals. The experiment began , and then something strange started . Please take the signal itself , then something like snooze , like an echo , and as if some strange coded messages . The experiment was repeated several times with the same result . Signal ” echo ” signal incomprehensible message .
” … The impression was subsequently admitted to one of the participants in the experiment , that someone out there in the depths , taking our signal , imitated him, in order to attract our attention , and then began to pass their message on the same wave . Spotted the source of these signals and found that it is just one of the most deep-water areas of the Atlantic Ocean , where the depth of 8000 meters to fit . attempts have been made to explain these phenomena signal reflections from underwater waves of different density , and as a failed experiment was stopped .

Officially, it was closed , but in fact the research continued . Why and because the signals passed through the computer at the time showed that the signals ” echo ” , by ” echo ” can not be, due to the fact that there are a repetition of the primary signal . Consequently, conducted some other coded transmission incomprehensible and unknown language !

30 years later , in 1996 , the same signals are passed through the Pentagon’s computers . As these reports were transcribed , the U.S. Navy hush . What is known is that after this research have intensified as the bottom in the area of the Atlantic, and all sorts of options on how far underwater communication .

In November 1972 the Norwegian patrol ships registered in their coastal waters unknown submarine . An attempt was made to get in touch with the boat to determine its affiliation, but she moved with a speed of 150 knots ( 250-280 km / h )! Currently, the rate of the most powerful nuclear-powered submarines submerged does not exceed 35-45 knots ( 60-80 km / h) . After failed attempts to get in touch together with NATO patrol fleet was attempted bombing of an unidentified submarine depth . According to acousticians , after volley was produced , the boat is very fast, plunged to a depth of about 3 miles and disappeared from radar screens . For reference, the depth of the Norwegian Sea – nearly 4 kilometers, and depth nuclear submarine – a maximum of 2 kilometers !

The consequences of this operation was not informed , but it became known that during the bombing of all electronic equipment , all means of communication , including sonar station out of service . Whose was it used?

Another well-known , has already become a canonical case , explain that the U.S. Navy refused to this day . In 1963, near the coast of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Navy conducted exercises to test the action of finding and identifying the enemy ships . In maneuvers participated aircraft carrier “At the axis ,” five escorts thirteen submarines, naval aircraft . Tested the latest device to detect submarines, it hauled on the rope for a one of the planes . Submarines in the area to maneuver in the ” silent stroke .” After some time , according to hydroacoustics escorts , one of the boats seem to be broke ranks and began to shy away from the intended route . The operator made ​​the assumption that it is one of the ” traps ” that are so rich in such maneuvers . Confused one , the boat was going at a speed of about 100 knots (about 180 km / h) !

Submarine, began to pursue the alleged enemy , despite the fact that catch the “enemy” they could not , because their maximum speed was 30 knots ( 60 km / h ) . After some time pursued a submarine sharply increased stroke ( !) And record speed and quickness plunged nearly 6 kilometers ( !) . Immersion depth of the submarine maximum standard of 1.5 kilometers . Subsequently , the reports themselves acousticians on submarines running after ” deep ghost ” as journalists dubbed this submarine , was drafted its approximate ” portrait. Cigar-shaped , with very pointed ends , 30-35 meters in length , highly manoeuvrable , apparently inertia is practically reduced to zero , is a single device gives it a turn. Speed ​​is truly fantastic – more than 280 km / h or 150 knots! probably can develop and more that it is not fixed. immersion depth is not known, but exceeds all known standards . may be virtually invisible to radar and radar .
Currently, the U.S. Navy intelligence is seriously concerned about the increasing incidence of the appearance of unknown devices near the coast of the United States. Despite the secrecy provisions in the event of such devices maneuvers near areas or other areas of the U.S. or NATO action ships not to take any hostile action , yet sometimes collisions occur .

During maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean near Indonesia, where depths reach up to 7.5 kilometers were recorded noises from the submarine , which differ from the standard noise of boats taking part in the maneuvers . Was attempted rapprochement one of the boats of the fleet with an unidentified boat. As a result, errors commander boat collided with an unknown American submarine boat. There was quite a strong underwater explosion . According to data obtained from the radar neighboring vessels , both the ship sank .

The ships that took part in the maneuvers were necessary equipment for lifting patients with greater depths of damaged submarines. Promptly was done descent rescue team who were tasked not lifting and rescue the crew of the submarine , and search for any parts , and generally any items from an unknown ship. Managed to raise quite a few shallow pieces of metal that looked like fragments periscope ordinary boats as well as something like a piece of sheeting .

Just a few minutes after climbing aboard the flagship finds Acoustic reported that in the disaster area is fixed , at least 15 signals from unknown and unidentified submarines. One of the signals is estimated reaching about 200 meters long ! Issued an order to immediately suspend maneuvers , special attention was paid to the categorical prohibition respond to any enemy action . Emphasized – on any . Even though they might seem hostile. Submarine arrived immediately tightly blocked accident location , creating something like a dome cover .

When one of American submarines attempted to get closer to the scene of the accident , she broke down at the same time almost all devices . With great difficulty managed to boat emergency ascent .

Disaster area was tightly locked and all types of radars . There was like a white , empty spot . Attempts were made to making contacts with unknown and elusive submarines . Response signals were practically no . Almost , because after the transfer series of signals that were to serve as an attempt to establish contact, from the bulk of unknown boats separated and one describing a circle, which includes all surface ships, joined her . It was noticed that when passing under the boat ships stopped the work of all locators and communications . After removal of the boat at a great distance instruments resumed their work. After a few hours with the radar screen signals mysterious submarine disappeared. At the crash site were found not only the remains of someone else’s submarine , but also the remains of an American submarine. Scientists at the hands were fragments that failed to quickly raise . After research in the laboratories of the CIA it was concluded that the metal composition is not known, but some elements do not occur in the world. After examination of any questions on this subject were suppressed by the Pentagon and naval U.S. intelligence in the bud.

In 1997, the bathyscaphe ” Squid ” Australian Navy survey conducted Bellingshausen Basin . The depth of the basin about 6. kilometers above the bottom of the unit was approximately 40 meters . His camera captures the strange oval education , emits a strong inner light . Contours were clearly delineated , thereby immediately starred version of the phosphorescence of decaying remains of any creatures , scientists have studied film , University of Melbourne , as well as specialists naval forces . The conclusion was the same: construction of artificial origin. Just a couple of weeks spent reshoot the same area . The camera did not record any buildings , except for a rather smooth bottom . Still, what was recorded on film – unknown.

If we assume , on the basis of the above facts that the seabed really inhabits an advanced civilization , has a powerful submarine fleet , it becomes uncomfortable and scary.

Well if this civilization good intentions , and if not? ..

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