The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda TriangleThe mere mention of the Bermuda Triangle instantly makes people a set of images and associations , which are embedded in images like contact with something mysterious : the disappearance of aircraft and ships in an unknown direction , the distortion of space and time , this information distrust , fear, and an irresistible urge to uncover the mystery of these phenomena.

The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean . Here also occur mysterious extinction in the air and on water . This entire region is divided by borders : from Florida to Bermuda and beyond – as far south as Puerto Rico and back – to the state of Florida through the Bahamas . In these parts there is a zone in the form of a triangle , which resembles the one in the Pacific Ocean, it has been called ” the devil’s area .” To explain the disappearance of many objects have been put forward various hypotheses , such as unusual weather conditions , as well as alien abductions .

Historical information about the Bermuda Triangle

On the first mysterious disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was mentioned correspondent for the magazine L ‘Associated Press Edward Vaynklom Van Jones, who in his article in 1950 . called this area the “devil’s sea .” And later, in 1964, is another journalist – Vance Gadi in an article section “Spirituality” , gave a slightly different definition of this place – namely, the ” fatal Bermuda Triangle .” From the late 1960s to early 1970 . began to appear a lot of publications about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle .

In 1974, Charles Berlitz published a book “Bermuda Triangle” , which were collected documents describing the mysterious disappearances that occurred in this area . The book immediately became a bestseller after its publication , and the theory of the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle has become particularly popular. But later it was proved that some of the facts in the book were not exactly established.

In 1975, Laurent David Cush published the book “The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle solved “, where he tried to prove that nothing supernatural and mysterious in this area does not occur. The book is based on years of archival checks , as well as interviews with eyewitnesses . However, supporters of the existence of unsolved phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle because it was found many errors and inconsistencies made ​​in this book.

Meanwhile, a mysterious incident in the area of the Bermuda Triangle is clearly there , and no one can deny it. Cases of mysterious disappearances in this area is particularly agitated minds in the 1960s . The most famous and most mysterious of them was a mystical event with a squadron of U.S. military aircraft . During a training flight , five bombers with 14 crew members suddenly disappeared from radar screens . A plane with a crew of thirteen people on board , going in search of them , just disappeared.

In 2003, after twenty-five years of silence , in the light goes out , another book written by Gian Kasari “In the Bermuda Triangle : the search for the greatest mysteries of the world.” The author published the long-term research information obtained from official sources , such as : NTSB, Coast Guard , military air and naval forces (BBC and BMC), as well as from many archives. List of missing ships and aircraft can be found on the website :

Incidents in the Bermuda Triangle

Proponents of the theory of the existence of the Bermuda Triangle argue that over the past 100 years there lost about 100 ships and aircraft. In addition, there were cases when the ships are in excellent condition , were abandoned by crew members. Also unusual phenomena , such as instant transportation in space and time , weather anomalies , etc.

David Cush , and other researchers have shown that sometimes strange incidents that happened outside of the Bermuda Triangle . Official information about some accidents can not be found . And the unusual behavior of the compass in the Bermuda Triangle was mentioned back in logbooks Christopher Columbus. Many witnesses their observations in this area , among which highlights failures in the compass , place tunnels , odd-shaped clouds , the appearance of unusual substance on a rotating basis , which turned into something like a curtain, also observed a bright glow , sparks and other phenomena .

Explanation in terms of science and spiritual practice – Qigong

Famous scientists Michio Kaku and Albert Einstein put forward the theory of the refraction of time. It is known that Einstein once said about the so-called ” river of time .” A world-renowned modern physicist Michio Kaku put forward a theory in which he argues that the flow of time has the ability to form a circle , with which you can get at other times of space, and the fact that this ” River of Time” has a kind of fork . Thus, the scientist claims that numerous parallel worlds ( space-time ) exist at the same place.

Founder of the spiritual practice Falun Gong Master Li Hongzhi gives a similar explanation for Bermuda Triangle in his book ” Falun Gong.” He writes: ” Although the existence of some things not yet recognized , but they do already reflected in our space . For example, in the world there is one place called Bermuda, people call them ” demonic triangle” . In this area, some ships and planes disappear, and a few years later they reappear . And no one can explain the reason for this phenomenon, since no one was able to go beyond the theory of modern human thinking.

In fact it is a passage to another space . This passage is not like the doors to our usual sense . It manifests itself as ” an impossible confusion .” If the ship gets into a place where such confusion incorrectly opened the “door” , the ship is easy to fall into a different space . People do not feel the difference in the spaces and can instantly go in there . But the difference between space-time and our space-time can not be measured miles. Distance to 108,000 miles only point here . Other space- times exist simultaneously in the same location.

Ship comes back for a moment , then exits at “impossible confusion ” and in our space has already been forgotten for decades , because the time in these two spaces are different . In each space there are still isolated worlds . This is similar to the layout structure of the atom : the ball branched lines connected at their ends balls again . All this is very difficult.

Four years before the Second World War one of the British military aviation pilot , the line of duty , caught in a storm . Through his experience , he found an old abandoned airfield . When he landed , he suddenly saw a very different picture : pure cloudless sky , as if out of the other world. At the airport , all aircraft were painted yellow , bustling people on earth . It seemed to him it’s all very strange. He landed , but no one had paid attention. Command tower not even contacted him . He looked up at the clear sky and decided to leave. He took off. When he departed from the airport at a distance from which found him , then again caught in a storm .

Finally , he returned to his base . He reported to the command of everything that had happened , showed record flight , but the chief did not believe him . Four years later, World War II began . This flyer was sent to the abandoned airfield . He saw the same picture , as four years ago. Our qigong masters understand what was happening. This pilot got into a situation that was supposed to happen four years later. He got into another temporary space when the first scene is not yet

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