Sleep deficit threatens death

Sleep deficit threatens deathPerson discharging sleep less than 6 hours , significantly increases your chances to die prematurely. This conclusion Italian scientists investigated more than 1.3 million people in Europe , USA and Asia .

Employees of the University of Warwick and the University Federico II in Naples conducted 16 studies and calculated how much should last night’s rest. ” Stable mode , six to eight hours of sleep per night may be optimal for human health ” – emphasizes the lead researcher Francesco Cappuccio .

Experts estimate statistics and found that people who sleep less than six hours , the risk of premature death increases by 6-18 %. Do those who are in the realm of Morpheus spent more than nine hours per day, the likelihood of early withdrawal from life was increased by 22-38 %. However, the scientists explained that in this case too long dream probably is a symptom , not a cause of various diseases and the general deterioration of health , RIA Novosti reported .

Note that shortly before the Swedish researchers examined the effects of a night’s rest at waist women. It was found that a sleep deficit threatens the fair half of mankind excess fat in the hips and abdomen. The experts concluded that to maintain harmony ladies need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day . Scientists have also found that women more than men need healthy and fulfilling a dream.

For its part, the Dutch experts found that only one sleepless night can lead to diabetes , IA “Rosbalt” . According to staff of Leiden University Medical Center , sleep deficiency prevents the body to fully use insulin to process sugar. As a result of increasing blood sugar levels , which represents a significant health hazard. ” From our data suggest that insufficient sleep at night has a significant impact on metabolic regulation than previously thought ,” – said Esther Donga , who led the study

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