Shushmor – sanctuary of the Snake God

Shushmor - sanctuary of the Snake GodShushmor called anomalous zone oldest suburbs. It is located on the border Shatourskiy district, Moscow region and Gus Crystal neighboring district of Vladimir region . According to the famous scientist P. Semenov-Tyan- Shan , there is a megalithic complex , is an ancient pagan temple . But the exact location of it to anyone in our time is not known.

Locals say that in the backwoods between mossy granite pillars worth hemisphere with a diameter of about six meters. In 1970, the director of rural school Nikolay Akimov went with a group of students in search of this tract , which heard the legends of a child from his friend Nikolai Orlov.

No megaliths they found, but their imagination giant hit dvuhmetrovye ferns, two aspen and birch girth with square stems.

In 1885, suddenly began to disappear without a trace workers redecorated Kolomna tract. Two years later, in the same places lost a convoy of four carts , laden with iron, together with the people . Police combed the woods – to no avail .

Disappearances continued until the mid -1920s , when the movement stopped on the track . However, even in these days of missing people resumed.

In ATS Shatura district has accumulated a lot of ” visyakov ” involving disappearances . None of the missing could not be found . They all went into the woods and – never to be seen again. And among them were locals who knew the local sites .

Basically anomalous phenomena observed in the village of Heath supposedly closest to the forest tract . According to rumors, there suddenly bred some huge snakes – not boas, not snakes . Three-meter black snake saw while walking deputy director Shatourskiy regional museum Natalia Akimkina .

Same Akimkina says that by gathering with her husband and friends cranberries in the forest, suddenly found that his companions lost sight of , although they were supposed to be very close to her. She called out to them, they responded , but it was unable to determine exactly where the voices are heard – it sounded as if all sides .
Then the woman drew attention to the fact that grows around an unusual moss – bright green, fluffy, studded with berries , and so high that it reached almost to his waist . Natalia could barely get out of these thickets . When her husband found her with friends , it turned out that she was missing half an hour, although it seemed that it took only a few minutes …

According to local historian Viktor Kazakov , tract Shushmor ( more correct name – Ushmor ) built around 2000 BC tribe ” lake people” who were engaged in magic and know how to manage natural forces.

“People Lakes” snake god worshiped Uru . About this cult show objects found during archaeological excavations – such as pottery shards with ornaments of snakes …

Uru and it was dedicated to the temple . It was on the site of the present village Shaturskaya (” dried ” means – ” small hill “, ” ur ” – ” snake king” ) , in front of which still stands ritual stone. Cossacks argues that in these parts there are underground boulders that sometimes pushes to the surface unseen force .

Sanctuary was a dais on which stood a wooden or stone idol . Grew near the sacred tree . Heathen temple before igniting the fire god human sacrifices . Once in the vicinity of the village beat spring : sanctuary usually built near water sources.

In addition, the site for the construction of sanctuaries did not choose randomly. As a rule, these were ” places of power “, where there were powerful bursts of energy from the earth .

Indeed, researchers have repeatedly documented here anomaly expressed in twisting magnetic field lines , with the epicenter in the proposed area for the location of the mysterious tract .

But how to explain the disappearance of people ? We can assume that in the area of ​​radiation they started dizziness , causing them to lose orientation and died in peat bogs . Or died from snakebites . Poisonous reptiles in the forests around Moscow , unfortunately, not uncommon.

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