Servicemen were people

Servicemen were peopleTwenty years ago in our country, it was hard to find a man who would not in his time serving in the Armed Forces. For most of the stronger half of our society , military service is associated not only with the ” burdens and deprivations “, but with mysterious stories that happened to them as well as with their colleagues. On many occasions their mysterious witnesses have no right to tell , but some of them after so many years still becoming known wider audience.

mysterious clash

In the late 60 – ies of XX century resident of Tomsk Stepan Nikolaevich Lezhnyov happened to serve as a sailor on the Kamchatka Peninsula , on the basis of the Pacific Fleet. One autumn day, one of the diesel submarine returned to base with damage caused by an unknown object. Among the command rose serious commotion. It turned out that two days on earlier this submarine ten miles south of the Commander Islands faced with a large underwater object . The collision on the hull formed several large dents, was severely damaged snorkel and lost contact with base and incapacitated electrical , which is only partially able to restore a few hours. Suggestion of a possible collision with a large marine mammals – whale , walrus or seal – was abandoned after an inspection of damage. On the ship’s shell plating could be seen clearly deep furrows , as if the boat collided with a solid , possibly a metal object. Another interesting fact was that neither before the collision or after the mysterious object was not seen nor radars nor acousticians diesel submarine .

Of private conversations with members of the crew staff base became known that about an hour before the collision with the ” invisible ” officers and sailors began to feel signs of severe sickness – headache, nausea , chills . With one of the men even had a hysterical fit – a young man suddenly begged to let him out, tossing at bay . Sailor tied up and placed in the infirmary. At this time the ship began power failures , the cause of which techniques and then failed to find .

And three days after the incident Soviet patrol boats in the area of the same Commander Islands were discovered three lighted object , marching at a shallow depth in the western direction. When you try to rendezvous objects began a rapid dive and soon disappeared from sight. As in the case of a submarine or radar or acoustics ships have not fixed them . The report of this meeting was attached to the report on the investigation into the fact of diesel submarine collision with an unknown object that sent the command of the Naval Forces of the country where it was immediately instructed not to disclose information of the event occurred .

Chasing the keeper taiga

Witnessed and participated in other equally mysterious events was Andrei Volkov, who in the early 1980s, he served on one of the frontier in the Altai Mountains . Border guard , which was listed as part of Andrew, guarded fairly long , but operationally quiet stretch of the border with Mongolia. Of border violations were listed in the reports of dresses , mostly unauthorized transitions control strips pets so their owners , who were looking for their missing good.

One winter day , it was reported on the next tackle. Arrived on site operations group , which included Sergeant Volkov , quickly established a place in the wake of border violations and the direction in which the intruder rushed . Here only the deep tracks , clearly came into view on the dazzling white snow crust , very puzzled guards . First, their size and shape were like no one had ever seen soldiers : foot length of the mysterious intruder reached sixty centimeters , and the width of the step was half a meter . In addition, footprints , which had dragged along a narrow mountain pass trail about a mile , suddenly interrupted, and then reappeared in the snow a hundred meters – if someone makes a giant leap .
Quite unusually behaved service dog , who was in the group. Senior dog became restless and anxious , whining piteously and refused to go to a strange scent.

Forty minutes later the mysterious footprints led to the snow-covered copses border starts at the slope of the ridge. And at that very moment when they saw soldiers among the trunks of trees removed in the thicket of huge dark figure . Guards added step. Their skis glided silently on hard snow. Suddenly, a service dog whined , fell off the leash and rushed headlong in the opposite direction . Escapes being turned into the taiga , and Andrew saw his big blood- red eyes . The next moment, one of the guards accidentally pulled the trigger automata . Came the short queue . Simultaneously with the sound of a shot clear outline figures suddenly faded , and after a moment she seemed to crumble in the snow. Caught a few seconds near the tree under which stood a creature , the guards saw the snow as soon as the circle of ash …
Later , talking to the locals , Volkov learned that on that memorable winter day operational- search group faced gemeshem or Forest man who is considered the custodian in Altai taiga.

Killed in a drunken brawl

Almost twenty years ago, on the eve of the Soviet Army and Navy from Irkutsk Sergei Zotov , who served in the North Urals in the XYZ radar , with two – countrymen his colleagues decided to go AWOL . The nearest district center was fifteen miles, but three strong athletic young people to overcome this distance rolled forest road is not too difficult . Late in the evening after curfew they secretly left the location and familiar division headed by urban-type settlement . However, soon rose small drifting snow , which was followed by a strong storm . After an hour the way the soldiers realized that gone astray .

Some time to wander through the woods, they came to a lonely standing on a small snow-covered meadow hut, which was burning in the windows of a faint light . Young men knocked on the low door , which they almost immediately opened by a tall thin white-haired old man. Master cabin servicemen invited into the house, watered tea and asked what brought them so late in the forest, what samovolschiki honestly admitted that they went to the village ” for adventure .” The old man shook his head , said the young people that they have a long life ahead . However, it will be so, unless they immediately return to the unit.

Old man’s words alarmed Sergei Zotov , but his friends from the idea of ​​a campaign for the district center not abandoned hut and asked the owner to show them the way . Soldiers with a gray-haired old man went out into the clearing , and he nodded to the guys cut a lightning strike a tree trunk behind which gleamed dim lights. They should go to the other side . Zotov , who decided to return to the part , the old man pointed the opposite direction , and with a sigh he returned to the house .

After a couple of hours Sergei sleeping peacefully in his bed in the barracks . In the morning the next day in the same part of it is terrible news : two of his countrymen, who left the district center without permission , were killed during a drunken brawl …

When the snow melted , some participated in command post exercises Urals Military District. Sergei happened by chance to deploy radar battery is on the very glade with cut lightning tree , where his dilapidated hut with his friends took a strange old man. But this time, no hut in a clearing Zotov not found . Though neither her nor the mysterious old man who saved the life of Sergei , did never happened .

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