Secrets biofield. Ancient Chinese theory biofield

Secrets biofield. Ancient Chinese theory biofieldSecrets biofield interested not only ordinary people but also scientists . So at the Institute of Biology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine scrutinized especially human biofield , animals and plants . In order to define more clearly our aura, the researchers used as an indicator of the usual blue-green algae from the nearest small pond.

And what do you think ? These green , wild , ” uneducated ” algae behaved very strange – like real people .

If they are random stranger approached them people , they do not pay any attention to him .

” The swimming pool is approached by different people – casual viewers who want to relax in the shade of the pond , psychics , children, old – says surveillance Academician Alexander Adamenko . – Clearly seen a random person on the behavior of algae is not affected. But ” having psychic abilities , they can or draw – ” like” or push – ” I do not like .” For ourselves, we first define as a ” magician ” , the second – as a ” sorcerer .”

The question arises : Is there a single person ‘s biofield helpful , and the other – harmful ?
It all depends on the frequency of radiation and the dose which we irradiated ” wizards ” and ” witches .”

That’s what about it “thinks” Chinese medicine .

Internationally recognized Medicine Ancient China believes that your body has a large spatially distributed energy potential. All our diseases arise when the human body is not enough capacity such or it it has in abundance.

In the first case (when the energy comes a little ) “wizard” adds the man for the rest of his potential.

In the second case needs help ” wizard ” that suppresses excess energy. Indeed, after the “wizard” has intensified in the human body waste ( for cancer ) process it , without realizing it , the patient actually sentenced to death.

So you should not be treated at the ” wizard” , it will not help you in any way . But the ” sorcerer ” will help . Because he , unlike the ” wizard” does not activate , and suppresses unnecessary process .

“That’s why so often , – says Alexander Adamenko – beginner psychic who does not know their capabilities, not cure , and cripples . And we at the institute not only determined by the sign , but generally help the psychic to figure out who he is. This set , say, problem: can I change the sign of their field ? And only a few, the most prominent , managed to solve it. In my memory only three folk healer repeated Kashpirovsky level biofield ” .

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