Savages among us

Savages among usSo what is the modern man ? Let’s go back to the Neanderthals . Science has proven that the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals coexisted on the same area of ​​about 50,000 years. Of course, for obvious reasons , is the interpenetration of these two species. However, science has found that we had different matriarchs , and mixed ” marriages ” virtually no impact on the DNA of modern humans. Nevertheless Svante Pyayabo , Professor of the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig , found that modern humans contains from one to four percent Neanderthal genes . And according to other scientific data, for example, in the DNA of New Guinea – about five percent of human DNA Denisovskoye . It turns out that all of us in one way or another are the descendants of murderous primitive savages , even if the line of our direct ancestors, the Cro-Magnon has passed its , like, an independent path of evolution. Modern science leaves us with a wide variety of hypotheses about who we are and where appeared . In this field there is a place and supporters of the theory of Darwinism , and fans of the ideas of Aristotle, Leibniz , KE Tsiolkovsky and others who believe that life , including reasonable and could be brought back to Earth from space. The more that modern archeology has thousands of ancient artifacts testifying to visit our planet space aliens . To believe in it enough to read the book by Erich von Däniken .

By the way, where were the Neanderthals ? Maybe they accidentally went to another dimension – because such measurements , according to string theory , a great many around us ? And now imagine : what if one of these ancient people will find a way back , and the morning mist suddenly seem first patrol , moving cautiously with clubs in their hands, staring with his little eyes in an unfamiliar landscape .

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