Sacred Places of Baikal

Sacred Places of BaikalLake Baikal is not only one of the most beautiful places on earth , but also one of the most mysterious . With various portions of the sacred lake connected many legends . Are numerous and real testimonies of people who were eyewitnesses to the Baikal unexplained phenomena .

Palace celestials

One of the most mysterious places of Baikal – Shaman Rock on cape Burhan consisting of white marble , granite and quartz. From the cave , which is located inside the rock , due to the ancient tradition of the leader of the Buryat Tengri – people celestials – Khan ( uta-Babae. According to legend, came down to earth, Khan Guta Babai took to wife the most beautiful girl of the human tribe and lived with her in his palace , arranged in a cave rock shaman . From the union leader gods and earthly woman went kind of great shamans , who spread the sacred knowledge Tengri worldwide …

According to the testimony of villagers Hunzhir located near Cape Burhan , for centuries the cave visited shamans many peoples inhabiting ancient Siberia . Priests of pagan religions were carried out in a cave rituals associated with ancestral karma cleansing and removing curses , falling into a trance, had the opportunity to contemplate the picture of the past and the future.

fire cape

Great appeal for ministers shamanic cults since time immemorial has Hercules – Cape largest Baikal island Olkhon . The ancient name of the cape – Fire – due to the fact that the first Russian travelers sailed to the island at the end of the XVI century , suddenly saw a huge column of fire in front of them proudly shot of Baikal waters to the sky. Firewall if not let strangers on the sacred ground of the island. A similar phenomenon on the Cape from time to time and noted later. In the mid 90 – ies of XX century with unexplained elements encountered members of the Krasnoyarsk Ethnographic Expedition . Ethnographer Irina alum later recalled that the spectacle of orange- blue shimmer in shades of fiery shaft was so fascinating that researchers at some point lost all sense of time and space. Many members of the expedition after admitting that in those moments clearly experienced the feeling of flying , though their bodies were carried away rapidly upwards, wherever beat mysterious beam of light …

From the words of the Buryat shaman Uirbeka known that at Cape Hercules decided to conduct the rituals associated with the spell elemental forces : fire, wind and water. Until the first quarter of the XX century, the chiefs and elders of the local tribes and villages was made to bring the cape newborn male infants . It was believed that he was in this place , the future leader or warrior takes on particular physical and spiritual strength and longevity gets .

protecting canine

On the most northern point of the island Olkhon – Cape Khoboy – the legend of the dragon , which is flying over the sacred lake , dropped his fang. Falling to Khoboy canine mythological animal went deep into the ground , leaving a characteristic trace the outlines of the island . Some scholars suggest that this tradition is associated with memories of the fall of a cosmic body ( perhaps a small meteorite ) that happened thousands of years ago. It is a local disaster and could cause strong geomagnetic activity , which manifests itself in this part of Olkhon . Parapsychologists frequenting Khoboy point near Cape constant powerful output astral energy that is associated with the emergence of numerous cases here Ghostly Essence . Locals claim that sometimes can be found on the Cape spirits of their dead ancestors , or even see their own previous incarnations . Of particular prominence was the spirit of the White Shaman emerging from the waters of Lake Baikal. It is believed that to see the spirit – to a large fortune .

Riddle snake Yellow Lake

Not far from Lake Baikal, on the way to Paddy Tashkiney surrounded by dense forest and hills , there is a small lake Shara-Nur , in the Buryat language means ” Yellow Lake “. This term it has received for the muddy color of the water is extremely saturated with hydrogen sulfide . For this reason, nowadays reservoir attracts people suffering from diseases of the joints. Say ailment completely goes away after a few patient bathing in the waters of Shara- Nur . In earlier times, the local population is afraid to dive into the lake , as believed that it inhabits a giant yellow snake – Shara Kaaya . Local legend has it : once lived in these parts brave warrior who angered the evil spirit Erkin , not losing his wife, his beautiful sister. To punish the evil spirit warrior turned into a huge snake and ordered him to live forever in the waters of the lake and eat carrion lake yes human flesh . It is believed that this is why Shara- Nur never find the bodies of drowned – eats them Shara Kaaya . However, by assumption, scientists, Shara-Nur , located more than 100 meters above sea level , is connected with Baikal network of underground tunnels through which together with leaky water and leave the body drowned . However, even in our days, local hunters and fishermen say that sometimes hear coming from the turbid waters sounds like a growl unknown giant creatures .

opening abyss

30 kilometers south- east of the island of Olkhon , in the deepest part of Lake Baikal , a place which is called “Devil’s funnel .” Unremarkable at the usual time portion of the lake area of ​​two square kilometers famous because sometimes , no more than once or twice a year, the lake water there begin to ” run amok .” When the weather is good and complete calm in this place begins incredible rotation of water , and soon in the , its epicenter appears large crater , sucks in everything around . Locals claim that the so called chasm through which the souls of sinners go to hell …

In the summer of 2003 from Irkutsk Igor Evlampiev , floating on a boat on Lake Baikal , witnessed the occurrence of such a funnel. The sun was already beginning to set , when he saw in front of him suddenly appeared on the surface of the water a dark spot , which started to increase rapidly . Soon , according to Igor , on-site spot a hole , the air over which suddenly was painted in ominous dark purple hues. And soon heard a hollow sound of many … human voices are moaning , crying and calling for help . Realizing the danger looming over him , Evlampiev hastily turned the boat in the opposite direction , swimming off at full speed away from the terrible and horrible funnel votes.

… Anyone who has visited at least once on the lake, will never forget the amazing beauty and attractiveness of the place, stored in protected parts of their many mysteries and puzzles to reveal that modern man is not yet under force.

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