REALITY OF PARALLEL WORLDSModern fiction not invented anything new , but only borrowed the idea of the existence of other worlds of ancient traditions and beliefs, and easy to get lost in them , and not realizing what is true . Heaven , Hell , Olympus, Valhalla, Svarga – are classic examples of ” alternative universes “, which differ from the usual for us the real world. Today there is a perception of the universe as a multimedia set of independent “planes of existence” ( one of them is a world familiar to us ) , the laws of nature which differ. So you can logically explain the magical , unusual phenomena that are quite common in some ” planes .”

Thus, a parallel world – a reality that exists simultaneously with ours, but independent of it . This self-contained reality can be of different sizes ranging from a small geographic area to the entire universe . In the parallel world events occur in its own , it may be different from our world, in some detail , and crucially, in almost everything. Physical laws do not necessarily parallel world similar to the laws of our world. That so many centuries we have tolerably coexist side by side. At some point of time the boundaries that separate us become almost transparent , and … in our world appear uninvited guests (or we become guests) . Some of our “guests” , alas, leave much to be desired , but the choice depends on our neighbors . Most close to us are natural perfumes, with which we are familiar , and on children’s feelings, and legends, epics , tales. For example , the same houses, goblins , Water , etc. They can be easy to make friends or get in touch , get their help . With residents of parallel worlds a little harder to interact with them , we need some portals and outputs.

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