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prophetic dreamsIf you ask any man : what is a dream , he was surprised at first issue, but when you try to give the correct answer would be explicitly difficulty. And if such a question to ask a few people hear it quite dissimilar answers. It seems that this is the case when there is a turn to the sensible or encyclopaedia, but even there we read something unintelligible : “Dream – is periodically occurring physiological state of rest and relaxation in man and animal. Characterized by an almost total lack of response to external stimuli and a decrease in activity of a number of physiological processes . ”

Academician Bekhterev usually attributed to very short and succinct treatment of sleep : ” Sleep is an unprecedented combination of events experienced .” Unfortunately , it is not for us here, as we will focus on the all-time events , or rather the future . And here our whole science contemptuously declares that prophetic , or prophetic , dreams can not be, there are only a coincidence.

Referring to the story. Calpurnia , the wife of Julius Caesar , saw in a dream that her husband the next day will be killed. When Caesar was going to go to the Senate , she told him about the dream and begged to stay home. Brutus was standing nearby mocked female prejudices and Caesar drew behind him. Continuation of the story we know …

Martsianu emperor in a dream dreamed of Attila, which broke the bow . This night the leader of the Huns died .

A friend of Emperor Augustus had a dream that night that will kill the treacherous enemies . Cautious in August , believed in prophetic dreams , did not stay the night in his field tent . Night her enemies captured in the dark swords hacked his bed .
In literature, as in Example prophetic dream mentioned case with Captain Jonathan from California. Once in a dream he saw a crowd of emaciated people who were dying in the mountains of hunger and cold . He even remembered the place where it happened : it was noted characteristic vertical ridge of white rocks . In the morning he told this dream to his friend , the hunter . He learned from the description in this area ravine Carson Valley . The captain made ​​a bold decision and organized a rescue mission , although the specified location was 150 miles from home. When rescuers arrived there , we had to help those who were still alive.

Camille Flammarion, French researcher collected many such prophetic dreams . In his book ” Prophetic dreams and predictions of the future ,” he writes: “I strongly contend that the phenomenon of dreams, to accurately predict future events , should be recognized as a certainty … We can see without eyes and hear without ears assistance through some inner psychic and mental feelings. Thanks inner vision soul is able to see not only what is happening at a distance , but it may also know in advance what will happen in the future. Future potential exists due to causes that trigger subsequent events . ”

Characteristic in this respect with the death of an episode of “Titanic .” At least 18 passengers passed the tickets because of an obscure presentiment of tragedy. Five of them have seen this tragedy in a dream she dreamed of themselves or their families. The wife of one of the “refuseniks” even drew a sinking ship with four pipe battened high stern.
The phenomenon of prophetic dreams in his time , and interested academic spondylitis. In 1910, he turned to his friend , the practitioner P.I.Vinogradovu , asking to confirm with their patients: if they had seen ever prophetic dreams . From 1910 to 1914 Vinogradov collected more than a thousand of certificates , of which it became clear that a prophetic dream at least once in their lives seen almost every second respondent . Of course, he did not consider the type of messages that some Marya dreamed of chicken, and the next day at a party treated her fried chicken . Due to the outbreak of war Vinogradov did not have time to publish the manuscript of his book , but it did Flammarion almost the same amount of statistical material in his books, ” Prophetic dreams and predictions of the future ” and ” the Unknown .”

Any unbiased researcher understood that the reference to official science ” coincidences ” in this case is merely an attempt to fend off such a phenomenon . And any attempt to explain it with reference to the threshold rejected the inviolability of the principle of causality. But once scientists seemed unshakable , and Newton’s laws . As accurately noted academician Krylov , “the biggest scientific heresy – this is what we have already reached the limit of knowledge about the world or about to reach it .”

Fortunately, there are scientific heretics and other plan that try to dig even under the basic (!) Physical laws . This is the so -called nonlocal quantum theories in which causality can be violated and observed superluminal communication.

And we try to consider the possibility of subversive hypothesis prophetic dreams , when seen in the dream with great precision displays future event ( such as it was with “Titanic” ) . Imagine a situation that all the people living in the world , linked into a single structure overconscious ( some analogue of “collective unconscious” Jung ) using a yet undiscovered biofield . To complete the picture , it is desirable that this field had this velocity distribution, but in this case this condition is not necessary. This global field superstructure , uniting the consciousness of all mankind , a priori structure is zero- that is, it exists simultaneously past, present and future.
And every individual in the structure of this knowledge has . Naturally, knowledge of not only their future , but the future of their loved ones.

But in most cases, pass on this knowledge to his master – the brain – for purely physiological reasons can not : channel of information from the physical world works , as a semiconductor , in only one direction . Proizoydi opposite – the whole world would become a global madhouse. However , because it is a physiological channel , breaking it ( “breakdown” ) is possible : a brain disease , head trauma , severe stress and there are psychics , contactees , and for doctors – psychopaths , who are starting to get information “out there” and are often unable to distinguish it from reality. Of course , the above doctors will come from this hypothesis in horror , but they know how to close these hypothetical feedback channels using drugs. And the most objective honestly say that their patients often exhibit psychic abilities , including prediction of future events. But after appropriate treatment of these abilities disappear.

Figuratively speaking, our SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS , having all the information about future events , the vast majority of cases can not (and sometimes unwilling) to ” reach out” to consciousness. In the best case, we have an unconscious signal that something should not be done ( or, conversely, to be – for example, leave out the concrete canopy that will collapse in a minute ) . And the one who used to trust this inner voice ( premonition , intuition ) , actually gets this information is not from the mythical guardian angel , but from himself or his family, to whom SUPERCONSCIENCE easier to reach . And it was in a dream , when all other channels are disabled receipt of external information, we are able to get a warning from our other “I” or “me” your family and friends .

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