Possible types of portals

Possible types of portals1. Puncture space (or teleportation ) – this transition within our world, but in a place separated from the entrance by hundreds or thousands of kilometers. When such a portal there is a moving object over long distances in a short time. Here we are talking about moving perpendicular to the vector space. It is rare, but there are cases of teleportation .

2 . Energy portal – this place (the subject ), which is only capable of transmitting energy from one world to another . The existence of such portals is known by some practitioners with mirrors.

3 . Reflections portal – a place specially designed to move between any of the available global variations or reflections . You can imagine how should look manmade reflections Portals : maps, paintings and other images . With the use of certain technologies produced images having a power connection to a remote site ( the world) . They are part of the world is represented in the output of the portal . Sometimes these portals appear by themselves under the influence of unknown environmental factors , acting in place of power , or as a consequence of the activities of some sentient beings.

4 . Reservations worlds – a place specially designed to move between any of the existing world realities. Here, the realities meant radically different worlds that can not be reflections of each other . As well as reflections portal , portal worlds – this is some physical object in our reality. There is information that may be an intermediate option when part of a physical object is in the same world , and everything else – in another. Some of the megalithic structures – menhirs, cromlechs , labyrinths – may be actually such portals , with their partial destruction or apparent incompleteness of the structure may mean that part of the building does not belong to our world .

5 . Gate worlds – rather a state than a place or facility . Position from which you can get into many variations of the Worlds or the world of reality . Usually portal has one input and one output. Gate worlds have one input and multiple outputs. They are the point at which these worlds are connected . Gates are everywhere and nowhere at the same time . Like a thin invisible thread , they permeate the fabric of reality and the world belong to everyone and no one of them separately .

Let us consider this way of moving more . Since worlds can have an infinite number of points of contact, the Gateway and manifestations of the worlds in this reality can be anything. That is the entrance to them can open anywhere any reality.

As Gates worlds do not have ” real flesh “, ie they do not exist in reality , the person entering into this place creates the appearance of the gate for himself. How he imagined them , such for him and they brought . For some, they are – a huge arch, for others – a tower, leaving up to third – a corridor with many doors , a cave , etc.

Gates realized that the worlds in this place in this reality , you need a special state of consciousness , which is owned by people Veda comprehend science ancestors Magi – Guardian .

Thus , we have described the possible outputs in parallel worlds . If we need to see not just the “neighbors” , and learn Rod Almighty , here we use the map of the world – The Tree of Sura . This map is superimposed on the human body (consciousness ) and has a 10 units of Creation (8 – by Coke , 9 and 10 – central – it all combines and gives access to the new reality ) , but also contains 64 variations manifestations Rod Almighty . Then output is in the astral body through itself , in a special state of consciousness. Since we are part of God, and his need to look after themselves , so knowing not only the World , but also themselves . No wonder at all the churches and all the mysteries written : ” Know thyself .” In addition, to enter every door worlds need a password , which is the name of God or God – Guardian Guardian Gate of a World with it made ​​further travel beyond the boundaries of the unknown and of the knowledge of God. Masters of this talent magi Guardians and transmit it to his chosen disciples through Raden Svarog , as it was in the knowledge of the unknown Magi help creation of the world , speaking thus , co-creator Rod Almighty. It is from us the secrets of the universe and given Volkhovskaya force . Such people in life can consciously make the transition or the new birth , or in another world , which they already interact, and more continue to serve its purpose. After the death of these people say that they have left, and not die .

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