parallel world

parallel world“… Life on Earth – is COSMOPHYSICAL phenomenon and the human mind does not just have a certain social organization of intelligence , and the reason is the strength of our planet COSMOPHYSICAL
VI Vernadsky

Until the end of the twentieth century, science has tried to study the life and consciousness with ” clean energy ” physics, ie studied the movement and interaction of matter and energy , leaving out of the question everything about the movement and transformation of information. Physicists have thoroughly studied and implemented through deep technical science into practice our lives three ” dead” fundamental interactions : gravitational, electromagnetic, and strong . But they did not even touch a feature of the interaction of living material bodies , namely information which is basic in its scope and role in nature.

Nobel laureate VL Ginsburg argues that , based on a calculation of Planck , we can imagine a world consisting of particles having a size 10-33 .. At the same time, instruments and sensors, we are strengthening our senses , allow to allocate the particles and their characteristics at the best value in 10-16 . Hence, our knowledge of the universe , of space, of living matter and consciousness , if we accept the doctrine of modern physics , at best, half-hearted .

Can you explain the essence of the living matter of the planet even deeper and really reliable results of physical research , in which it , a living substance , pre- parsed into micronutrient stagnant ? Whether to limit the study of life and consciousness “physics lifeless “, which brings the essence of living matter to tap ? Of course not. Need scientific associations biologists, geneticists, physicists , etc. , need new approaches , new technologies, new tools for exploring the surrounding ether – universal media properties “living space.”

In this formulation of the problem , first of all , you need to find an answer to the question of what ” living space ” and ” passive ” or ” active” is the space in the phenomenon of Life ?

On this issue, there are two hypotheses . The first hypothesis is that the universe , including our planet , a world of inert matter . This hypothesis undivided sway in science and three years ‘ physics lifeless ” failed to determine its physical and astrophysical laws . However, due to the above reasons , these laws are the laws of stagnant world, and this hypothesis is still far from Life.

Another hypothesis is that the cosmos , the universe , the planet is in its essence a living space , living processes , is a living natural world natural phenomenon . Academician Treasurers writes: “Living Space and reasonable , living planet , which spoke Russian cosmists – is not beautiful words … And the space is not empty, it is also a living . In Space and found in every cell , intertwined set of forms of living matter , a lot of lives . ”

This hypothesis is not yet possible to take a full proof. But it is clear that the path of the first hypothesis leads to a dead end (in general, already quoted) and the hypothesis of the living space opens horizons for such research that literally takes your breath away . It allows upside- down world back to its original , normal , state , indicates that the primary and which is secondary, and most importantly, displays the path of humanity cosmoplanet evolution.

All the elementary process of life and associated energy and information is provided ” environmental cues .” What is the source of energy and signals , and that is that the transfer medium in which arise and are absorbed ” energy information quanta” , which “eats” micro-and makrobiota ?

Such a source and a transfer medium is ethereal materiality . What is it? Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences and Candidate of physico -mathematical sciences AN Dmitriev answers this question as follows: ” The ethereal materiality – is a versatile carrier properties of ” living space ” .”

Research results at the International Research Institute of Space anthropoecology ( ISRICA , Novosibirsk) , and many other facts indicate that the space itself as a kind of motherboard is zhiznenesuschim and zhizneproizvodyaschim .

From the perspective of many modern scientists , the universe is holographic structure . Academician Treasurers , scientific director ISRICA , writes: “In our labs accumulated experimental data largely confirm the hypothesis known Bohm , K. Pribram that exists around the Earth holographic space , and all the atomic-molecular and intellectual- mental processes constitute only fragments of a giant cosmic hologram . “

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