parallel world 3

parallel world 3Death is an act of exit indestructible essential structures of consciousness from the physical object, in this case, the spirit and soul , and their transition into a different quality of its existence . This transition may be reversible , for example, clinical death , followed by a revival of man, or irreversible , characterized by the completion of the life cycle bioobject . In the case of an irreversible process is always accompanied by quality degradation of this bioobject .

In the book of St. Petersburg scientist, Doctor of Sciences Igor Borisovich Sinani talked about how in 1973 at Leningrad Vsevolozhsk , he headed the laboratory , where he brings desperately ill people. When the moment of death, he filmed on camera in an electric field of high frequency. The lab got consistent results , invariably repeated in all cases of death. The film recorded the same thing – ” misty spiral vortex emanating from the human body , and the center of rotation – a little ” planets . ” She seemed to absorb the rotating fog, and then disappeared . After the results were reported to management , the subject closed and soon laboratory ” accidentally” burned with all skinning ” [14].

The question arises: what our soliton – holographic form, and simply put , the spirit by dressing in clothes and getting physical brain, the material world is an infinitesimal period of life and body and brain ? Flashes like a spark , burn the physical body and the brain and goes to infinity . Why do you come?

Why so hard spirit went to his goal , the creation of man with awesome powers of his mind to ask questions knowing why? Why? How ? etc. Spirit accomplished this by concentrating all its grandiose opportunities in molecular structure , and billions of years in the physical world was the human brain , endowed with reason , and, most importantly , the desire to understand , finally , the goal of his life . In fact, is not the same in the fifth mobile phone with diamonds ! Today it’s time to recognize a person with the status quo and choose a qualitatively new target.

Vernadsky wrote: ” The power of a person not connected with his mother , but his brain . In the geological history of the biosphere to man opens great future if he understands this , and does not use his mind and his work on self-destruction ” . [15]

And if the goal of man becomes union with the cosmos , the desire to live and act according to the laws of the cosmos and for the benefit of the Universe , we , mankind will never find ourselves alone with themselves .

After many years of observing the universe around us , scientists have concluded that from space to Earth moving huge plasma flow ( solar wind ) that penetrate the planet’s biosphere , making it matter, energy and information. And the well-being of mankind depends on how well we are able to dispose of the ” wealth ” that either take us to a higher stage of development , or destroy .

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