Ozone hole. And have they?

Ozone hole. And have they?This spring, scientists first discovered the thinning of the ozone layer over the Arctic . This field spread (unlike the Antarctic ) on areas of Siberia inhabited by humans . This means that Russia may be at risk. Journal ┬źNature┬╗ in the October issue noted that the first three months of 2011, the Arctic lost a record amount of ozone .

Whether to be scared ?

Their knowledge and reflections in the IA “Rosbalt” Petersburg scientists are divided . Phenomenon thinning of the ozone layer over Antarctica , Earth’s protective shield , known since the 80s of the last century . Today it is a sustainable phenomenon is already affecting the climate of our planet. In the Northern Hemisphere , it is also known to occur with the same regularity , but the northern spring , but until this year, lasted only a few days.

Professor Main Geophysical Observatory . Igor A. Voykova Karol , stressing the importance of this natural phenomenon in the Arctic indicates that this time it has been observed not only over the North Pole , but advanced to the Eastern and Central Siberia. That is, there is a risk of movement on populated areas .

The ozone layer , which protects the Earth from the destructive effects of cosmic radiation , is reduced to three mm Antraktide in October-November ( there the spring) . In the layers at the height of about 20 km above the earth having a lower than normal temperature. They lead to the formation in the upper atmosphere of active chlorine compounds , which are the main ” fighters ” ozone. “Ozone is known to be formed and destroyed in the atmosphere ,” – says I. Karol and calms, – “However, at this time the sun is low , so the flow of UV that causes skin cancer, not great.”
Vice-President of the Russian Geographical Society Kirill Chistyakov offers reinforce fears in connection with ozone holes . These fears policy biznesmny and sometimes the scientific community uses in its ienteresah for certain preferences and money for research . Phenomenon is the enormous scale of the Earth and also required extensive and lengthy observations to predict its future behavior.

It is believed that even the term ” hole” was coined in order to create a budget agencies such as NASA. “We prefer to say ” spring negative anomaly reduce ozone ” – says the scientist from his understanding of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Alexander Makshtas .

However, scientists do not rule out such effects as the appearance changes the circulation of air flows , surface temperature and ice melting . This can pose problems for polar bears , which will begin to roam. “But it has happened many times – says K. Chistyakov – These types have not gone away – they are not going anywhere now.” As for the man with his irrepressible economic activity , “we have no choice but to adapt ,” – he says.

Speaking as one of the possible causes thinning of the ozone layer , the massive air emissions of Freon , professor of weather forecasts State University Sergey Smyshlyaev emphasizes that the Montreal Protocol was operating , emissions are reduced , and 50th years century atmosphere returns to normal. Scientist expresses sentence: “We need monitoring. For example, in Finland at the same time with the weather forecast given the situation on irradiation with ultraviolet light , which just depends on the ozone . ”

With the warming of the atmosphere after the spring cooling ozone is formed , say scientists .

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