Mystery “Devil’s lair”

Mystery "Devil's lair"“Fiery ” death traps people in anomalous zones where disturbed the usual course of time.
There is in Russia on the border of the Saratov and Volgograd regions ( near the town of Zhirnovskaya ) strange place , local residents nicknamed ” Devil’s lair .” On it goes a lot of legends. And a mysterious incident that happened there in October 1990, only added notoriety of this anomalous zone . Two shepherd happened to be on a hillside , which local belief should get round. When you feel tired , they decided to relax a bit . One sat on a stone , and the other moved to calm a bit frightened animals. Five minutes passed . Nothing but the bleating of sheep did not disturb the silence. Returning from a flock , the shepherd instead of his friend just found his charred corpse …

While police and doctors got to the scene , it took about four hours . By this time the scene had already gathered the inhabitants of the neighboring village . Charred body had to pass on a cart , with which it is transferred to the car and ” ER .” And if the main witness testimony about how his friend died , look , to put it mildly , unconvincing , then from this point in the testimony of other witnesses did begin fi freaks : clothing for the deceased , their testimonies remained intact , but when the body was removed from the carts, it turned out that her bottom burned !

You can certainly find this strange story fiction. But in the archive independent public commission ” Phenomenon ” , the task of collecting and analyzing information on abnormal natural phenomena, is stored at least a dozen evidence about the facts of the mysterious ” spontaneous combustion ” of people. A few examples from ancient times :

+ ” Encyclopedic Dictionary ” (Berlin, 1843 ) mentions burnt in 1725 in the French city of Reims, the wife of a Millet . He was even accused of murder and attempt to burn the body to cover up the crime . But in the course of the investigation it was found that ” there has been a spontaneous combustion .”

+ Magazine ” Dzhentlmens Magazine ” in June 1731 told about the mysterious death of the Countess of Kaseny Bundy . Remained of her head only three fingers and both legs in a heap of ashes , which was about four feet from the bed. Neither sex nor bed is not stored traces of fire.

+ The report of a doctor Bertholla ” Medico- Surgical Society ” you can find a message about the woman who was found in her apartment burned down . According to an eyewitness , the body looked as if visited in the melting furnace . But all around was fully intact , just a little burnt through the floor – just in the place where the body lay . This happened in August 1869. Author of the report stressed that the victim did not utter a single cry , did not call for help – the residents of neighboring apartments did not hear anything .

In all of these incidents can be seen strange coincidences : selectivity mysterious fire that devours the human body and is virtually affecting the surrounding objects , as well as victims of an incomprehensible humility , not trying to escape , call for help , even change the position of the body .

Here are a few examples – later :

+ English newspaper ” Dartford Chronicle ” for April 7, 1919 reported the death of writer J. Temple Johnson. He was found dead in his home. The lower half of his body was completely burned . But neither clothes nor in the room there was no evidence of fire.

+ Indian newspaper ” Madras Mail” on May 13, 1907 gives evidence of two constables , who discovered in the vicinity of the burnt woman Dinopora . Clothes charred body was preserved completely.

+ On a country road near Pikvillya (Kentucky) in November 1960 in a car parked on the roadside were found charred bodies of five men sitting in free positions. Investigators say there were no traces of evidence of attempts to hit out of the car .

I am sure that the modern reader , brought up on the steep detectives already ready version explaining these phenomena : someone killed someone and cover their tracks , burned corpse. But , excuse me, how the criminals managed to clothe clothes ash victims , while retaining not only the shape of the body , but also its structure ( inside the bone ash ash muscles) ? Furthermore, as is known , the human body in its composition is not flammable material. It is composed by two thirds of water and non-combustible fabric . And to burn it , required special conditions: temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius and a long , measured clock time. Even a direct hit by lightning is not able to completely burn a human being , and only leaves the charred land . So it is quite understandable attitude of scholars – stories about the burnt corpses in the pristine fire clothing they consider fiction.

I propose to consider this ” fiction ” from a different angle .

Recall school textbook – there are burning ? This chemical reaction of oxidation. And the oxidative processes in the body ( to maintain body temperature at 36.6 degrees ) differ from the flames of the fire only a slower pace . And what if this pace spontaneously change?

In order to make this possible , you need only one condition change in the real -time progress . For someone and it seems fantastic. But experts committee ” Phenomenon ” believe that this is likely . According to them , humanity today stands on the threshold of a new era , the era of the conquest of Time.

Reflecting on the experiences of the Pulkovo Professor Kozyrev , who spinning tops , getting strange chronal / time / effects , inventor and designer B. Chernobrov decided to tighten similarly magnetic field. The first experimental apparatus , which participated in the creation of “Energia ” and NGO “Salute” , earned in 1988.

Watch unequivocally confirmed change in the course of time …

The commission ” Phenomenon ” asked one of the researchers closed research institutes working “on space ” ( we will not specify its name) , and shared some of the results of his experiments . It turns out that people who are hyping the centrifuge , experiencing a very strange feeling : time for them as it changes its course . And this is confirmed by changes in their physiological reactions. And sometimes happens altogether incredible – if the subject is separated from his body and begins to see himself from the outside (that is, there is what is called a ” yield astral body ” ) . Of course, analyzing this phenomenon , scientists are cautious , suggesting that it is only likely to subjective feelings of the person under the influence of strong emotional and physical stress . But in any case , the results of the experiments are unique and require further investigation. We helped workers Institute contact V. Chernobrovaya and together they mapped out a series of new experiments.

“I am sure that the rotating mass , like a rotating electromagnetic field can have a real impact on the course of time , – says Chernobrov.I this effect can be registered only in the laboratory, but also in natural conditions . Example where the river makes a sharp turn . I specifically figured out where most are located so-called ” anomalous zones ” . Guess confirmed – close necessarily have meandered ground or underground stream . chronal disturbances occurring in places and cause all mysterious in terms of conventional physics phenomena .

Take, for example , the same “Devil ‘s Lair” . It is located on a bend of the Volga river bed . The pilots have told me that whenever they fly over this place , begins to choke the engine. Drivers passing by ” Devil’s lair ” also complained that the engine knocks there regularly . But can it be otherwise in a zone chronal anomaly, where fuel combustion rate changes and other physical parameters ? .. ”

Of course, this is only a hypothesis that requires further scrutiny. But it draws that can really explain many mysteries , including cases of ” spontaneous combustion ” of people.

Incidentally, the martial arts master says it can change over time willpower that during the fight seconds as they stretch elastic rubber, and the enemy at the same time turns them into a frozen mannequin.

Something similar and describe people who have been in stressful situations. Notable , for example , the story of a soldier F. Filacheva about how during World War II with him a shell burst . Filachev for a paltry fraction of a second experienced several agonizing minutes , watching as a steel body shell fallen flee fire cracks , melted metal, as slowly , ” like a dream ” , flying debris … Description seen surprisingly coincides with the results of fast motion of the same process , made ​​many years later …

Maybe each of us really have a mechanism that can not only perceive the passage of time , but also to regulate it? And stress key to this mechanism ? Assuming that this is so , then it becomes clear stories about the phenomenal possibilities of man : an old woman , who has thrown in the fire in the window with his chest dvuhtsentnerny good ; thief on which to escape the dogs, one leap beat very high fence …

” It’s an elementary law of physics – says Chernobrov . – To increase capacity, it is necessary to either increase the force ( in many cases , such as with an old woman , it is hardly possible ) , or change the action of this force . Person consciously or unconsciously changed the course of time, thereby changing and all other physical quantities that depend on time. and begin genuine miracles. ”

Well, maybe in the near future, mankind will learn to conquer not only space but also time. And spontaneous chronal effects, such as ” spontaneous combustion ” / sharp acceleration of oxidative processes / or ” instant aging ” / transformation child in a few years in a decrepit old man / – in short, all of these will be temporary strangeness studied in detail , and , consequently, there are ways prevent this danger. And yet … research is ongoing .

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