Mysterious lake of the planet

Mysterious lake of the planetNatural lake filled with real ink , located in Algeria, near the town of Sidi Bel Abbes . In a pond no fish , no plants , as these inks are toxic by nature and are good only for their writing . For a long time people could not understand how there is so unusual for a substance reservoir . And recently, scientists conducting research and analysis and found out the reason of this phenomenon. All the matter in the composition of the water of two rivers flowing into the lake .

In one of the rivers contain a huge amount of dissolved iron salts in the other – a variety of organic compounds , many of which are borrowed from the river valley located in peat bogs . Merging together in lake basins , streams interact with each other , and in the course of chemical reactions occurring constantly ink increasingly growing.

Locals refer to this attraction is ambiguous. Some believe the lake ghost , while others are trying to benefit from it . Because names and he has a half-dozen . Among the most famous – ” Eye of the Devil,” ” Black Lake ” and ” Inkwell .” And ink from it are sold in office supply stores , not only in Algeria, but also in several other countries.

Real asphalt lake is located on the island of Trinidad , located about fifty kilometers from the northern part of Venezuela. Bathe and swim in it , of course, impossible. The lake in the crater of a former volcano mud , its depth of 90 meters and an area of ​​46 hectares. A few kilometers away there is a settlement of La Brea . Coming out of the bowels of the earth through the mouth of a volcano , occurs at great depths under the influence of oil evaporation loses volatiles , thereby turning into asphalt. All this takes place in the center of the lake basin . A place where all are born new portions of asphalt, for many years is called “Mother Lake”. Thanks to him, the Trinidadian lake retains its reserves , despite the fact that every year of it to extract 150,000 tons of asphalt going for construction needs . Most of the produced is exported to the U.S. , England and many other countries . During field development was produced more than five million tons of asphalt . The level of the lake dropped by only two feet .

On the surface of the Trinidad Lake , apart from its center , a person can safely move without risk bogged down and go deep. However, if, for example , somebody dares to stay a long time in the same place and at the same time will not move , it will slowly sink into the thickness of asphalt. Almost any object left on the surface of the lake for a long time , after some time disappears into the black abyss . Scientists engaged in research of deep subsurface ” pond ” found a graveyard of prehistoric animals , including bones of mastodons , extinct in the Ice Age and , apparently , once lived in the area. Probably , in the miracle of the lake will be made new and exciting discoveries .

There are reserves of asphalt and is famous for its healing salt reserves the Dead Sea , located on the border of Israel and Jordan . On the extreme salinity and special composition of its waters known to many , but an asphalt deposits heard not everyone . Accumulations of asphalt in appearance resembling resin periodically float on the water surface , surrender to the will of the waves and often large masses beaching . Extraction of asphalt from the Dead Sea is conducted since ancient times. Apply it in a variety of industries: construction of roads, tarred vessels receiving various chemical products … Until the middle of this century it was thought that the Dead Sea area is practically the only supplier of asphalt around the world. And only in the 50 ‘s were designed new deposits .

And the most “dead” body of water on the planet is considered to be a lake of Death, on the island of Sicily . Not only that its shores and waters are devoid of any vegetation and livestock, and even bathe in it deadly. Any living being released to the water this dreadful lake, instantly killed . The man who dipped into the water arm or leg feels strong burning and then watches in horror as the skin is covered with blisters and burns . Chemists have made the analysis of the contents of the lake, were surprised . In the water in a fairly high concentration of sulfuric acid contained … . On this occasion, scientists have been several versions – for example, that the lake is unknown what that dissolves rocks and thereby enriched acids. However, other studies have confirmed the hypothesis. It was found that concentrated sulfuric acid is thrown into the lake of two sources located at its bottom .

But the mystery of Russian Empty lake, located among many other lakes Kuznetsk Alatau still not disclosed . Around all lakes and teeming with fish, and in the empty – though almost empty , despite the fact that these fish from lakes follow rivers flowing into the lake bezrybnoe .

Researchers have tried to settle the odd different types of fish pond , giving priority to the most unpretentious . However, nothing came of it – all the fish fell asleep and let it remained empty. But what is most surprising , chemists, water analysis conducted to assess whether the content of toxic substances in it , proved that nothing like it does not contain . Empty lake water was almost the same as in the neighboring lakes. And no one can still explain or at least a plausible hypothesis about this strange phenomenon of the reservoir. Will solve the seeming seemingly simple puzzle – time will tell .

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