model of the Universe

model of the UniverseTo investigate the holographic universe space and its impact on human ISRICA scientists created the necessary tools, simulated hologram cosmophysical , and came to a startling conclusion . We , humanity and the planet we live in two parallel worlds : our familiar physical world Einstein- Minkowski space and in a completely unfamiliar world , was first detected NA Kozyrev. And this world , Kozyrev called the “world of energy – time ” does not correspond to what we see, feel , feel , measure . But it is!

Following the classical ideas , we present a purely geometrical four-dimensional Einstein- Minkowski as a certain volume , big giant cube or a sphere or some other geometric shape , which must be filled with something . So we fill it with the fact that we can measure , calculate mathematically , register devices , or perceive by the senses . And because space is the length , in our logic it requires time involuntarily . It turns out that the space and length of time is Einstein space – Minkowski .

In the middle of the last century, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, astrophysicist NA Kozyrev concluded that in addition to the Einstein- Minkowski world there is some other world, which is not consistent with what we see, feel , measure . But it is! This new space for us NA Kozyrev called the ” space – time energy ,” and , in his opinion, it is a real four-dimensional geometric filled our world.

Scientists were able to detect this ISRICA “space – time energy ” experimentally , and they called it ” Kozyrev space .”

Moreover, they were able to some extent to explore this unusual parallel world . Parallel , not because he is somewhere in the distance, but because it exists in us, exists all around us . Processes occurring in space Kozyrev are not captured by our senses , sensors , numerous devices , but scientists still managed to lift the veil of this mysterious parallel world , creating an unusual experimental basis .

And if in the space of Einstein – Minkowski all laws perceived world we determined the constancy of light , the space Kozyrev signal transmission speed is infinite, and in this space there are synchronously past, present and future.

It should be noted that research space Kozyrev , which is present in our four-dimensional world , laboratories ISRICA designed and effectively used the program “Helios” , mirrors Kozyrev hypomagnetic camera spinor- torsion generators , etc. Huge interest are the new tools of knowledge – Kozyrev mirrors – vertically arranged aluminum , up watching the big tubes , equipped with laser thread. They are , in essence, a fundamentally new planetary instrument designed to capture vertical holographic flows moving in directions : Space – Earth-Space . These streams may combine efironeravnomernye processes , holographic elements and components of the particles.

According to the hypothesis of scientists combination of Einstein spaces – Minkowski and Kozyrev schematic might look like as shown in Figure 1 below . Left circle provisionally designated the physical world , or Einstein space – Minkowski right circle – holographic Kozyrev space . In the diagram is visible lens ( the intermediate world ), where the existence of two overlapping spaces. In lens symbolic figure of a man who, according to the scheme , but still overstep the limits of Einstein space – Minkowski space Kozyrev.

It turned out that the night sky when the sun has not come over the horizon , is the most favorable for information on Kozyrev space . It is these few minutes in space Einstein – Minkowski at sunrise or sunset are the experimental point in time when the maximum two spaces into one another and can be registered for the appropriate biological systems . In experiments modeling cosmophysical revealed more clearly and accurately the elements of space Kozyrev , which are present in the Einstein- Minkowski space .

In our books “The New Physics of faith ” and ” solar wind ” given the unique results of numerous studies performed in Kozyrev mirrors .

Model Universe GA Kirpichnikova . Structure corresponds well ISRICA worlds model of the Universe , which at the VII International Scientific Congress ” non-computer information technology ” ” BEIT 2004″ reported Novosibirsk scientist , candidate of physical and mathematical sciences , GA Kirpichnikov , presenting a paper on “Energy structure of the world and its relationship .”

His model is based on a system of eight postulates.

1. The universe , as a single entity , is a set of three worlds : the material , and the substantial fine .
2 . The substantial reality world is a nexus that combines material and subtle worlds together.
3 . All three worlds exist in the same space, the objects of each of the worlds are able to penetrate into each other , exist in each other.
4 . All three hierarchical world in space and time . Time, space , and consciousness in the universe is holographic information .
5 . All objects interact each of the worlds can be reduced to two categories: by energy and information.
6. In the universe there are ways to transmit energy and information with speed , ensuring its stability as a whole.
7. Subjects and methods of interaction elements , being in the three worlds varied in principle, functionally similar.
8. In the holistic world, except the state of rest, there are only two types of motion : translational and rotational .

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