Kozyrev mirrors

Kozyrev mirrorsUnique research related to intelligence and the human psyche , were conducted under the leadership of academician of RANS and VP Kaznacheeva the International Research Institute of Space anthropoecology ( ISRICA ) . The study is based experiments with ” Kozyrev mirrors .”

At the time, Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev discovered that a coating of aluminum special varieties can , like a mirror and a concave lens , focus , focus and reflect not only light , but also the energy , ” drained ” from the star , plants, and any person another object. He was sure that there is a biological connection through time , and thought it possible to realize this communication using cameras with a special aluminum coating .

Scientists MIKA built for experiments with people high cylinders of aluminum sheet with a slit side , in which the cylinder is in focus people own field. In such reflectors , called ” Kozyrev mirrors “, ” Can not focus soliton- holographic field processes of human intellectual activity and register changes on electroencephalograms , cardiogram and Kirlian photography” [1]. What does this mean ?

If an inner cylinder gets people, ” Kozyrev flows” , reflected from the inner surface , concentrated along the axis of the cylinder. Axial focal space scientists penetrate the laser beam , which organizes the spinor- torsion field . Academician Treasurers says [2] : “This is a very material of the primary field of cosmic flows carrying information , rather than secondary electromagnetic and other fields. We came to understand the spinor-torsion processes. ”

What effect does the presence of man in space Kozyrev ?

“Before a person presents his” subjective time . ” It is possible to see yourself as a child , or to experience a condition called in esoteric reincarnation . When we work with people who are prone to psychosomatic diseases , then we get an unusual clinical effect. Any accumulated human negative information concentrated along the axis of the cylinder is ejected by a laser beam “[3] .

It was also found that among people who are in ” Kozyrev mirrors ” dramatically increase the possibility of transpersonal ( telepathic ) communication . An interesting result was obtained in an experiment with a healer Giselle Milen , capable of distance to determine the state of human health .

Mylene and the patient being ” Kozyrev mirrors ” were at a great distance from each other ( she – in Paris, he – in Novosibirsk) . Healer knew only time when you should start diagnostics. The results exceeded all expectations , although some of the information about the state of human health obtained Mylene did not coincide with the opinion of doctors. However, after a month and a half , unfortunately for the patient , all the information about his disease confirmed. Mylene was able to see the emergence of the disease in advance of its manifestation on the physical plane .

In the journal “The Terminator” is an interview with the Academy of Natural Sciences and Medical Sciences VP Kaznacheev where academician talks about telepathy research in large groups of people . ” In sessions transpersonal ( telepathic ) communication involved staff of our Institute , Russian and foreign residents of cities and towns. So just for telepathic bridge “Northern Lights” has joined about 2,000 people living in Novosibirsk , at Dixon Island , in the Urals, in Moscow , in France, Spain and the USA .

In the sessions , participants set torque transmitted telepathically and took thousands of kilometers religious symbols, images of ancient rock paintings and works of great artists. Found out that the transpersonal relationship is best established between one born under the sign of the Zodiac , especially if they are in a clean and sacred places ( museums, reserves , etc.) “[2] .

I must say , the results of studies using ” Kozyrev mirrors ” shocked scientists.

It was found that during a telepathic session between Novosibirsk and Dickson operators received up to 30 % of the information … from the future ! They accepted and sketched images that they had to pass a day or even several days . [3] And Novosibirsk operators do not know in advance that they will pass on Dixon. They opened the package with the task immediately before the session.

And during the comet impact on Jupiter in the summer of 1995 operators generally accepted ” yesterday’s ” information ” today’s ” information just disappeared somewhere . VP Treasurers writes: ” I ​​think it all stems from the paradoxes of time described by Kozyrev , who believed that in critical conditions changed the course of time , it” flows “from the future into the present ” . [3]

Numerous experiments scientists have shown that the human brain can be connected via a planetary space thousands of kilometers with others , have shown how can broadcast figurative representations that are formed in the space Kozyrev. As a result, the researchers concluded that only 30 % of the information is received by the operator in real- time astronomical 30% – with a lag , caused by the concentration of information in planetary space, and 30% – ahead of several hours in relation to the time of transfer.

Somewhat later, similar experiments conducted uchenyeLuthovv American and Targ . Without the knowledge of the inductor (” transmitter of thought” ) and percipient ( “receiver” ) , they mismatched their actions over time. And what happened? According to the researchers, with the percipient vosmidesyatiprotsentnym coincidence took telepathic images … one hour before their ” rejected ” inductor . Well ! Perfect confirmation yet unexplained miracle !

But that’s not all. In his latest works, scientists have shown that by means of torsion processes can be broadcast at a distance biological structure , including intelligence, a variety of information , such as chemical . This is reminiscent of the exchange of information in homeopathic practice , when the molecular or macromolecular structure at a dilution of its 12 – 16 orders “included ” in the spinor- torsion fields of hydrogen atoms and information ” transmitted ” person without the presence of chemical molecules .

“We have documented changes in cell civilizations and remote transfer of information in the human body from the corresponding molecular and hormonal fractions using sources of torsion fields . The combination of ” Kozyrev mirrors ” laser ” cleansing ” torsion fields and hypomagnetic cameras greatly improves the prevention and treatment of diseases “[1] .

According to VP Kaznacheeva by ” Kozyrev mirrors ” and torsion sources can create such centers , where a large area of the Earth (eg , the city or region ) due to torsion and information flow are eliminated processes such as aging , tumors, allergoimmunodefitsity , cellular degenerative changes , and many psychosomatic diseases . ” It is a real change emotional intelligence and focus .”

By analogy with the ” Kozyrev mirrors ” scientists have created the so-called hypomagnetic camera with an extremely powerful protection against electromagnetic radiation . They wanted to get answers to their questions : how it feels to living organisms in the universe ? Can there be life without electromagnetic environment ?

Electromagnetic field in the chambers was 50 thousand times weaker than the Earth . Initially, scientists conducted experiments on himself, then began to connect other people. And it turned out that in these cells in humans changing the ratio of left- and right-brain interactions , emotional and inhibitory processes . Short stay in these cells ( 15-20 sessions of 20 minutes ) per person acts favorably. Come to equilibrium psyche and physiological processes , most people is increasing memory, enhanced psychic abilities , stimulates the intellect and creativity. Being in such chambers children with developmental disabilities , stimulates their intellect, heals childhood epilepsy and several other diseases. However, experiments with cells civilizations have shown that they live and develop no more than 8-10 generations , and then degrade and die . This means that the protein- nucleic life without electromagnetic environment can not exist , it should be known by all who are going to live a long time in space . [2]

As a result of experiments using hypomagnetic cameras , laser and mirror- torsion designs were unique data about the real manifestations of remote interactions between cells and human cell, humans and plants , as well as the laws of transpersonal remotely information links between people. ” Experimental evidence that higher , but evolutionarily inhibited forms of intellectual tools exist and can be restored and developed in order to save civilization” [4].

Scientists plan to create something like a microscopic model MIKA Geospace to study the Earth and the human reaction to cosmic events , as well as the reaction of the Earth and the cosmos to human actions . They remind us of the American experiment “Biosphere” seven people existed in a confined space , personifies the biosphere , where they were created closed cycles self-sufficiency of water and food , growing enough plants to produce oxygen . However, after a year and a half the oxygen content in the ” Biosphere ” was reduced by a third. I had to refill it . It turns out that the disease began biosphere : oxygen became absorbed by the soil . The question arose: what if the soil of the planet will not survive anthropogenic impact and also will ” devour ” oxygen ?

And scientists say : “If the biosphere entirely guide ” at the service of man , ” we do not survive. So what else is still not recognized by the majority : humanity may lose mind and soul . Accumulate facts indicating that due to deterioration of the socio- cultural environment , because of space debris and other environmental changes in the human intellect begins to dwindle “[3] .

Academician Treasurers emphasizes that ” the mind and spirituality permeated all around. Spiritualized matter and even the body which we think Touch dead . Lively and intelligent Cosmos , living planet … And the space is not empty, it is also a living … Need to study the properties of the cosmos , the possible relationship of the living matter of the planet , including our intelligence , with the proximal and distal outer space “[3] .

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