Kid recalls life in another body

Kid recalls life in another bodyFANTASY ?

His name is Cameron Macaulay . The only difference from the boys of his age – and then Cameron talks about his ” old mom “, about a family in which he had lived before , and the white house , standing on the shore of the bay . But he had one mother – Norma McAuley , she 42 years old, and with the pope , they divorced . And the island of Barra , which Cameron and then recalls (where he supposedly lived ) , is located 250 kilometers north- west , in the Hebrides sea. And boy never been there since lived in Glasgow.

Mother , of course, concerned that hears from his son, where such fantasies ? And every now and then he talks about his former parents, brothers and sisters. And about how his father died , “not really looked in both directions ! ” (Apparently that’s what the boy had heard from adults when a person hit by a car ) . And most importantly – Cameron all the time worried that his former family certainly looking for him and worried – where he disappeared and that with him. And the kid says this not only at home : a kindergarten teacher told Norma that and there he constantly remembers the island of Barra and complains that really misses his mom , sister and brother on . Sometimes even crying … Remembers where they went and went , what did you do and how he watched from her bedroom window for plane coming in to land from the sea. And boy laments that here they have a toilet at home , and Barre was three. And all the while thinking about how to inform his former family, that he was all right, that he is alive and well . To report ? So in fact he knows how to name the Pope – Shane Robertson ! However, he died …

Norma says that at first no one thought much about “too bright imagination ” boys – who at this age does not compose fables ! As on the island of Barra , none of the family had never ridden. But time passed, and Cameron still sad about his former parents …

Then one day the teacher told Norma that appealed to them kinogruppa wanted people who remember their previous life. And she offered to talk to Norma filmmakers about Cameron . And what can I say , I thought Norm, if few people believe in such a thing as reincarnation ? Yes, and how it will affect Martin – another son of Standards , which is just a year older than Cameron ? Sure would be nice to go on this very island so see how it will behave Cameron . Extra money , of course not – where they have a single mother with two children ? But , on the other hand, the same day we must put an end to all these obsessions and stories of what never was, and could not be!

And Norma decided. She got in touch with people from the film company . Those eagerly seized on this idea and decided to go to the island with his family. With them went and American psychologist Dr. Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia – he has long been studying the phenomenon of reincarnation , especially in children .


I can not describe how happy Cameron was when he was told about the upcoming trip to the island of Barra ! He jumped and frolicked in anticipation of a meeting with the family.

The trip took place in February 2005.

When the plane was landing , turned everything around such as Cameron described . He turned to Martin and Norma and asked , beaming with joy , “Well, now do you believe me ? ” And down from the ladder , joyfully exclaimed: ” I’m back! ”

Now he is again busy talking about his life on the island and described in detail his former mother : She had brown hair to her waist , but then she let them cut her . And boy is looking forward to meeting his two moms – he believed that Norm and his ex- mother liked each other . And he talked about the “big book “, which is read as a child – there were about God and Jesus Christ. Norma knew that this can not come up – in her house was not the Bible , not a religious family (unlike, apparently from one another) .

On the island they stayed at the hotel and were searching for someone who might know something about Cameron’s former family . Contacted the bureau engaged in the affairs of the inheritance – do not know whether there is anything about the family of Robertson , who lives on the Gulf coast . There answered negatively , and Cameron was annoyed . Then they go back and forth on the island , but have not found the white house . Then to adults suddenly realized that if Cameron saw sunset with sea planes from her bedroom window , it must go in the opposite direction ! Meanwhile, in the hotel they were told that the house really Bay Robertson family lived . Cameron , however, did not told about it – just decided to go to the bay and see what happens.

When we reached there , Cameron immediately recognized “his” white house and was in seventh heaven. But going to the door , suddenly fell silent and alert : probably because expecting mom was waiting for him and will gladly meet.

It turned out , the house is unoccupied. The former owner had died . Cameron sad. But the person who had the keys , let them inside. The boy knew every corner here . As he told me in the house were three toilets, and from the bedroom window could see the sea .

After returning home

Researchers also wanted to find at least someone from Robertson , who owned this house before . And this was – in Stirling . But he knew nothing about Shane Robertson . Cameron also requested to see the photos of former members of the family – he hoped that there recognizes his father , or even himself . Or a big black car , which they had . Or a black dog with white spots .

Yes , and the car and the dog were in photographs , but … that is all.

Returning home in Glasgow , Cameron fell silent , he became thoughtful. Then completely relaxed. He no longer insists that it would be good to go to the island of Barra . And he knows that his former family is not looking for him – in the white house just nobody there. Well and that mom and brother Martin is no longer suspect Cameron , if he writes fantastic stories . Answers are found, though not all . When Norma asked her son how he got here, to her , he innocently replied that fell from above and – hid ” straight to her tummy !” ” And what is your name then , in the life ? ” – Asks Norma. “Like now – Cameron . After all, it’s me and there ! ”

Cameron now for seven years. And with the age of the memories of his former life will almost certainly be blotted out of memory – so , at least , say scientists studying cases of reincarnation.

But why professionals interested in it children? After all, this dedicated many years of his life such famous explorers as Ian Stevenson , who wrote the book ” Children who remember their past lives ,” Carol Bowman and her book ” The former children’s lives : how memories of them affect your child .” It turns out that children are attracted scientists primarily to the fact that many of them , just learn to speak , are really starting to talk about “their” life in another body . And no hypnosis for this is not required, no altered states of consciousness ! After all, history Cameron – also that life lasts longer than the period from birth to death . As he told one of his friend : ” Do not be afraid of death – all the same after coming back here .”

And it seems that the boy is right …

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