Indigo children – stage in human evolution

Indigo children - stage in human evolutionModern society should seriously and understanding to children indigo, because they are a new evolutionary stage in human development. With such treatment recently spoke at a press conference psychologists – specialists in this field.

According to them, indigo children represent a new social stratum , the generation that came into this world to make it fairer and more equitable . Psychologists say that every 30th student can be called an indigo child , because they all have unique abilities and huge potential. In today’s society there is a process of total indigodizatsii . However, the ability of the child can develop only when both parents and actively promote this environment .
The official science does not recognize the existence of such unusual children as a special phenomenon . How can they relate to what is in the imagination of ecstatic people with visionary ? Talking about indigo resemble any conspiracy or esoteric hoax , because the outstanding personality and genius born in every age . So , Mozart in six years has not created a primitive student composition, and true musical masterpieces symphony.

Indigo children are credited with many distinctive features as high intelligence , independence from any authority , oversensitivity, telepathy and the like. In addition to the bright blue aura that is seen with special equipment , indigo and have some unusual features that are visible to the naked eye . For example , they can easily remember their past lives and talk about events that happened to them then. They are often in conversation pronounced amazing things. Suddenly, the child may tell an adult ” you lie ! ” If he is hiding the truth , because indigo often have the ability to read minds .

Approved and that the alleged indigo – a new race of people . But indigo – is not superpowers, not the genius and talent. Not their unique abilities – this is important. The most important thing in the indigo children – it is their mission to serve the people . They – the owners of great spiritual energy and strength , which is not present in ordinary talent . All their activities are aimed at creation.

Many believe that the ” promised ” end of the world in 2012 will not be taken literally . This simply an invisible transition from the old world with its distorted foundations in new – full of kindness, altruism and justice. Indigo children just have to help implement it. Experts urge parents to show care and concern for their children , because now the probability that a child is categorized indigo children – is very high.

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