Immortality – and you’d like to live forever?

Immortality - and you'd like to live forever?If you believe the Indian scientist , the age that they got to witness was so respectable that probably looked like a fairy tale faster – 5000 years!

Do not forget our Russian fairy tales? Rejuvenating apples boiling vats with milk, dip in that can be young and beautiful , filled with live and dead water that can even resurrect the dead man …

People at all times dreamed of immortality . However, in the chronicles of ancient chronicles and there are many indications that some people lived from 100 to 400 years! In different parts of the Earth , in different eras thanks to special secret techniques Chinese Taoist monks , Indian hermits could renew his biological age indefinitely. However, a survivor was found in Russia – in the early twentieth century in the Tomsk city hospital approached by a person of the documents which indicated that it … more than 200 years !

According to Indian longevity , 380 -year-old Tapasvidzhi he once met at the foot of the Himalayas elder , who spoke in Sanskrit. He talked about such details of everyday life and events of the past centuries , that could be no doubt – the elder did see it with my own eyes. According Tapasvidzhi achieve such a long stay in our world helped him to a special diet and special drug, the secret of which he never revealed to anyone .

Let us turn to the Bible. No wonder Adam named his wife Eve , which means “life.” There is also said that Adam lived 930 years , his son Seth – 912 , grandson of Adam Enos – 905 years. And the son of Adam was born in 330 years . So , in Old Testament times it was the age heyday of human life.
It seems that in those days people really lived nearly a thousand years , but over time our aging began to happen faster , and the life force dry up.

American scientists have deduced a theory – the average age of human life depends on the amount of … the world’s population . Like, it would have less , we would live longer and better. And since we are neither more nor less – six billion , ms , by definition, can not live long, for must give ” place in the sun ” to a new generation .

Fast forward now in the age of XVIII. Legendary Count Cagliostro – very specific people. Great adventurer (or a great adept ) really possessed the secret of eternal life , if not , then a very long youth. Do not forget it in this matter and for his wife – a beauty Lorenz looked so young ! With hardly could believe that she – the mother of an adult son , Captain .

It is known that Cagliostro martyr ended his life in the dungeons of the Inquisition , and all scientific works strange graph were burned as ” unclean .” But something in the Vatican archives still remain. For example , a copy of the ritual ” regeneration “, which , apparently, Cagliostro used to prolong his life. Special pills prescription which has not been preserved , allowed 40 days for a full update of human tissues and organs.

The secret of eternal life , it seems , had another controversial character of that time – the Comte de Saint -Germain . Contemporaries struck such a detailed knowledge of the Count of past events, which could be their only witness . Older people learned of Saint Germain , as seen it before , in the days of his youth. That’s just the graph itself did not grow old … One of the latest evidence of a meeting with Count belongs to the mid-twentieth century , and who knows , maybe he still lives with us ? And maybe he is not alone …

Question … immortality concerned humanity for centuries set , and all the while it looks for a way of prolonging life and preserving eternal youth. What has not been taken ! Hypotheses about the brain transplant to another, younger head, to replace diseased or end- organs cybernetic devices or flesh and blood , grown by cloning . And not so long ago one of the British scientific journals told about the search of electronic reproduction of human personality after his death – a virtual analogue of a particular brain and nervous system specific . It is believed that it will keep the individual peculiarities of thinking , the memory of his past life , thoughts and feelings … One simply inserts the rim glasses miniature video cameras whose signals are recorded on a special disk the size of a button. However, this hard drive is enough for about a month. So even in a hundred years will be able to live chat with roughly equivalent to the identity of those who have already left this world .

However, the real rejuvenation of the body “here and now ” seems scientists still preferable . And not the last role in this played by water . Noted that most modern centenarians drink water mountain rivers formed by the melting of glaciers. Just like in Old Testament times . And it is not accidental that these concepts emerged – alive and dead water .

Extend the life of 300 years , according to scientists , can also … lowering constant body temperature of only two degrees. Or use the experience of hibernation in animals. In the west , by the way , already waiting for “better times” dozens of people frozen in a special way . We also know many anti-aging diet , exercise , drugs and , of course , special spiritual practices.

Unique in terms of rejuvenation was the experience of the impact on the spine. With the help of special equipment for the human spine – send special energy signals . And soon, some patients retirement age quickly began to get younger . However, the exact causes of this phenomenon has not yet been elucidated. It is believed that the frequency of medical Electrosignal entered into resonance with the frequency of a certain gene or DNA region , which , in turn , and ran back the biological clock .

But there is another side to the coin . Not everyone wants to stay in this world indefinitely. It is known that King Solomon denied immortality , although possessed the secret of a special elixir, because he had not seen for himself the happiness in life without those he loved . Also entered and Count Cagliostro , who probably could bribe the guards that they brought him cherished pills, but did not.

A legend of the Wandering Jew ? Remember, sweltering under the weight of the Cross Christ on the way to Calvary wanted to get some rest at the house of a man named Ahasuerus , but he chased him roughly . Christ “awarded” him for his immortality and eternal wandering around the world . It has not even met in the XIX century in England , and when professors of prestigious universities of Cambridge and Oxford proekzamenoval Ahasuerus , it could not be convicted of ignorance of history , customs, culture and geography of the ancient Earth , for which he walked century eternal wandering more than once.

However, the question of immortality stands second in the question ” what is the meaning of life? “. When we find an answer to it , it will become clear whether live for thousands of years …

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