Every hour of their life – terrible!

Every hour of their life - terrible!MAN – TREE

He has a normal name – Dede , quite common in Indonesia. However, he was called Man – tree. Why ?

If you just look at his face , it is perhaps even beautiful unless something ” zaporosheno .” But the hands and feet … Nightmare! Tangled tree roots ! That’s where the strange nickname, …

The October issue of the magazine Fortean Times this year posted two photos Dede , each the size of a whole page . They are shocking ! How could this happen to a 37 year old man ? Why ? And really it is impossible to remove from his skin these horrible , inhuman , ” wood ” growths ?

Dede lives in Sumatra. And he started it all in the age of ten . First appeared on the knee big wart , which later became increase. By the time the guy got married, was on his feet for several convex plaques. This does not prevent him from working – first a farmer, then a builder. But then the situation began to change rapidly and dramatically . After the birth of her second child ‘s body was covered by Dede all new growths that are badly scratched . Now they appeared not only on the legs, but also on the hands , growing higher and higher , until his head. His wife and children left him – the children were afraid to look at his dad .

Dede admitted to hospital , where he spent a year , baffling doctors – they obviously did not know what to do. And when money for hospitals in Dede exhausted, he returned home.

Now the poor man toured Indonesia in the troupe called “Association of strange people .” Audience willing to pay for something to gawk at accidents or photograph them . And when Dede comes home , his relatives are trying to give us something to help . They cut off the ugly growths scissors or a knife , and to at least partially reduce odor emanating from them three times a day it is sprayed with 70 percent alcohol (because of the clean water situation is becoming worse ) . In short, such a life is not to be envied …

Meanwhile Dede – not the only one who were not so lucky . This spring, the world’s media relished another similar case.


This unfortunate lives in Romania, he is 38 years old, and his name is Ion Toader , but most of the Romanian media call it bird-man . No, he can not fly , but his arms and legs cause association with feathers and long claws .

Found this poor one of the American missionaries. Ion said that the attack occurred in his 14 years of age on the hands first , then on his feet. Now it’s hundreds and hundreds of protruding growths in texture and touch not soft – not a ” velvet” or even ” wool ” as it may seem from the images , and rather dense as nails. Missionary tried to cut the largest and longest of these growths knife blade , grind them sandpaper , but it’s not so simple: had long arms and legs soaked in a special solution Jonah to growths become just a little softer. Tried using acid solutions , one another stronger and freezing spray intended to remove warts. Alas, to no avail .

Missionary met with the family of his ward – with his mother and brother (they live together) , but relatives skin looks perfectly healthy . And this despite the fact that at one time the brothers slept in the same bed. Looks like Jonah disease is not contagious .

Did analysis of the tissue growths that is ? Yes, for the first time – 18 years ago. But in the sufferer does not understand medical terms and the results of the analysis can not say anything . In recent years he was not observed and no treatment – feared that would only be worse. Because after cauterization remote growths do not grow again , but soon there were others, spreading through the skin faster than ever. And then there was a thick ” tail ” that now covers the arms and legs accident .

In January 2007, Jonah learned Romanian journalist Patilea Petrik . She launched a broad campaign to raise money. This summer, the patient was taken to Bucharest, where he had plastic surgery on her right hand . In the next year and a half to be transferred Jonah 4 more five operations . Anyway , the doctors took him close and say the situation is improving . The final outcome of the treatment we learn in 2009.

MAN OR A reptilian – CORAL ?

It seems that these cases can not be considered quite so rare. In internet forums people report that they had seen something similar in the different countries. Nurse Daniel from Houston (Texas, USA ) states that they were in the hospital , two patients whose skin resembled alligator skin .

Leah certain festival in Belgium faced young man , whose head was covered with large greenish ” stone ” spiked – growths . And some people have this kind of ugliness is associated with amphibians . But – just at an early stage , when it is not grown long ” cutaneous horns .” Growths sometimes resemble chitin plate and casually as one of the participants of the forum advises show these patients marine biologist – maybe their body is inhabited by colonies of microscopic marine invertebrates that can turn a man into a kind of coral ?

In August 2007, the World Wide Web appeared photo – rays of hands and feet of a Tanga – horrid . Length ” cutaneous horns” in it – up to 21 cm , thickness – 5 centimeters. This man lives in China. In September 2007, published the results of DNA studies of two patients , held in Beijing , the Institute of Genetics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences , with the participation of specialists Hospital Sino-Japanese friendship . Scientists took tissue from two people affected by this terrible disease. One of the two was perhaps the Tang, but in a scientific publication is not called names . Conclusion ? There are many , many pages stuffed with specific terms. The essence approximately that both patients infected human papilloma virus type – 2 (HPV- 2) which has undergone a unique mutation. This caused a change in the nucleotides , and accordingly, in the amino acids responsible for the functionally important proteins. bottom clear – hardly makes sense to dig unconsecrated in these terms . Compassionate people trying to help such patients advice on the Internet . Most, however, did not advise, but just sympathize , laments , regrets : hardly ever such a patient can live a normal life . After all, life is certainly an outcast , loneliness and pain . In short, a tragedy.

And here it is possible to understand that an Internet forum participant who uploaded all these pictures myself in the computer. And now whenever he feels that life has driven him into a corner , he looks at these pictures and realizes that all his woes – just nothing compared to what is going through – every day and hour – unknown to him unhappy, sick man .

Yeah, all relative . And this should not be forgotten .

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