End of time, or a scientific esotericism?

End of time, or a scientific esotericism?Scientific spirituality – ancient secret knowledge, confirmed by science, leading man to immortality !

Recently, the poor person on earth is so much negative influences of the nature and the cosmos , and that want to shout: ” Stop the Earth , I’ll go ! “. Especially today , after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

However, Mayan priests still a half thousand years ago warned the world about the upcoming 2012 planetary catastrophe . They predicted that the solar system to a specified time enter into energetically powerful galactic ray emanating from the galactic core and the ” fifth sun ” dies December 21, 2012 from the ” motion of the Earth ” (earthquakes or displacement axis of the planet) .

About the upcoming Apocalypse in the early third millennium warned John the Evangelist , Nostradamus , and many other insiders . But since we, the citizens of Russia, overwhelmingly materialistic , accustomed to trust only the evidence of science, such revelations have not really frightened . But today, after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan , which caused not only natural and manmade disasters , but also displacement of the axis of the planet (so far , thank God, a little ) , there is a great desire to know what about it “thinks” modern science . She can explain to us , the people , what happens? [1 ] .

And it turns out that in 1958 the first meeting of the Presidium of the SB RAS Academician Ambartsumian reported that the space in which the motion of the solar system , energy and real uniform, and that the trajectory of motion of this system has enormous aggregations . These aggregations solar system began to cross from the mid -1950s and crosses today. Since the interplanetary space is not ” completely empty ” moving solar system creates a shock wave ahead . Background thickness of the shock wave to the mid -1960s amounted to 4.3 astronomical units (1 a. , Is equal to the average distance from the Earth to the Sun, or 150 million kilometers ) .

Since the mid- 1970s of the last century , American scientific space probes series “Pioneer” , “Voyager” and “Mariner ” and Soviet probes of Venus and Mars had been sent to Earth enormous volume and brand new content information .

Data obtained from the probes showed that in the 1970s, the thickness of the shock wave start to increase rapidly , and by the mid -1980s has already reached the 43 astronomical units. This means that the path of flight and interaction sphere of the solar system with the interstellar medium formed condensation of matter and energy . In a plasma shock wave intensity has increased dramatically electromagnetic interactions of charged particles and ionized plasma flows ( galactic wind ) began intensively to enter the solar system .

Conclusion of scientists is clear: in the late twentieth century, the solar system has entered into an incredibly powerful stream of energy coming from the center of our galaxy . This is the galactic beam , which we were warned by our ancestors.

Hence cardinal change the planet’s climate , shifting magnetic poles , the magnetic field intensity drop and increase the resonant frequency of the Earth ( the so-called Schumann resonance ) . Hence the incredible intensity of solar flares and related natural disasters. And as predicted astro- and geophysics – whether there will be in 2012-2013 !

No coincidence that many scientists see the changes as a looming global catastrophe. Professor I. Bestuzhev Lada says: ” In view of the passivity of the world community and government inaction leading world powers global catastrophe is inevitable .”

Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences , Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences AN Dmitriev in an interview said: ” The conviction of many scientists that the coming new global catastrophe leads to the fact that this information is silenced globally. Especially in terms of the concepts of modern physics , this process can only be regarded as catastrophic . ”

Correspondent’s question : ” Is there no escape ? ” – Professor Dmitriev replied, ” Linear output only humanly possible not. There is a non-linear output connectivity assistance from the intellectual structure of the solar system … But people have the right to reject the assistance that , unfortunately, happens. That’s what I call the ” second disaster” – strikes on outstretched helping hand . But Master foresaw this possibility, and therefore will be applied “special measures ” “[2] .

And special measures have been taken. To prevent the destruction of humanity all the divine forces involved in the process of our salvation. This explains the emergence of a large number of clairvoyant and clairaudient – conductors of the higher hierarchies , through which they hierarchy is transmitted us the necessary information in order to save . Since 1989, the highest spiritual entity Kryon conveys important for people to save for information through the American engineer Lee Carroll. From 2004 through Academician LI Maslov information comes to Earth from the Creator Himself .

Esoteric knowledge that come to Earth today , contain a huge amount of scientific information , but …. without explanation !

So High Spirit Kryon, who passed information to people through the American engineer Lee Carroll from 1989 to 1992 in the book “Do not think like a man ,” says: ” The more you learn about the structure of the atom , the clearer you will become slim world . That understanding of the behavior of elementary particles – the key to this . ”

And in the book ” Alchemy of the human spirit ” Kryon , we read: ” The change of vibration leads to a change in the distance between the parts of the atom.” We are talking about changing the density of physical matter , and therefore the possibility of decompression physical matter. Actually Kryon says subatomic and quantum physics , and calls for the knowledge of the physics.

Or take the message of the Creator , that He is from 2004 to the present day passes by Academician LI Maslova .

Those of you who are familiar with the ” Revelations people New Age ” is sure to pay attention to their complex content . This holographic structure of the universe , particles and antiparticles , matter and antimatter , negative energy and antiworlds , torsion fields , fractals , bifurcation point , the law of energy -neutral space, etc. And again, the knowledge given by the Russians as a means to salvation, presents scientific language . But not given an explanation.

High spiritual essence give us knowledge at a high scientific level, relying on the fact that we ourselves understand them , because it is all already known to science .

This promise of high spiritual beings suggests that it is time to combine the rational and irrational knowledge , to create a scientific spirituality, which will help us , the people , with the help of the Higher Powers understand what is happening . It’s time to connect the eastern and western systems of thought , for the West , as it is known , has succeeded in precise but limited knowledge , but the East – more generally full and proper understanding of the world and man . [3]

Director, International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, Academician AE Akimov said: ” Everything that came physics now , with virtually no formulas, but in terms of content , is set in the ancient Indian Vedic books. There exist two areas of knowledge of Nature. One is represented by Western science , ie knowledge , which are extracted on the methodological basis , which is owned by the West , that is proof , experiment , etc. Other – East , ie the knowledge gained from the outside by the esoteric , in a state such as meditation. Esoteric knowledge is not mined , give their man . It so happened that at some stage this esoteric path was lost, and formed another sing highly complex and slow . The last thousand years , following this path, we came to the knowledge that were known in the East 3000 years ago, ” [4].

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