Comprehended the mystery of death

Comprehended the mystery of death“I am leaving the world admire and finds refuge in the lame – confessor and all deities , peaceful and wrathful . ”

In ancient times, people have been taught to die , and in some countries of the East – to reincarnate . A person brought up in the ancient spiritual traditions , almost did not fear death , anyway – much less than most of our contemporaries. In addition, he received support from family and friends, which, as its forces helped his transition into the other world . Tibetan Buddhists , for example, drew all the necessary from the famous ” Bardo Thodol ” ( Tibetan ” Book of the Dead “), a lama in the VIII century . It teaches you how to die , and most importantly , what to do after the death of the soul to the next life was better than before . It turns out , is a science , and it is very difficult .

Between Two Worlds

Initiated in Tibet know what awaits them after death. Lama during his lifetime saw the afterlife and death experienced accompanying sensations. At the death of their essence freed consciously enter into another world and go forward on the familiar roads and trails , knowing where they will lead her . In the hour of his death Lama remain in full clarity of mind and do not need anybody’s help .

Simple as Tibetans deathbed helps cleric . It soothes the dying and most importantly – tirelessly builds which way he should choose.
The first concern Lama – not give a dying fall asleep , unconscious or fall into a coma , keeping up to the last second of mental clarity. Lama draws attention to the gradual extinction of dying different consciousnesses : eye consciousness , the consciousness of the nose , tongue , ear, ie, the gradual loss of hearing , sight, touch , taste and smell. Further, in an unconscious body is just a thought , which oversees happening sacrament .

Now it is important to get the spirit to leave its shell through the crown , if it comes out the other way , then the future reincarnation will not satisfactory. Removing the spirit from the body ritual performed by two exclamations : ” HJK ” and ” Phet “, uttered with a special intonation , which takes a long time to learn. When pronouncing these exclamations lama deep focus and fully identify with the deceased (then pronounce ” CIU “). Then you need to make an effort , which would take the deceased to “lift” your spirit to the top of the head with enough force to knock the crown for himself in the hole (then pronounce ” Phet “).

“According to the Tibetan ” Book of the Dead ” , the soul , before determining its posthumous fate , must pass an intermediate state – Bardo . This state lasts an average of forty-nine days

” Immediately after the death we meet the Eternal Pure Light – the same that at the end of the tunnel. This is a crucial moment in the Bardo state . ”

Few , however, manage to do so and attain nirvana . Many pass through Chicano Bardot generally unconscious , in a swoon . Their consciousness is only included in Honiid Bardot . When he awoke , the deceased sees the pain and grief of their loved ones and often starts feeling sorry for yourself . This can not be done – no need to cling to bygone , it is not necessary to reopen their feelings. It is important to calm down and take all that has befallen us .

In Honiid Bardot begin terrible visions , karmic mirages . Bright light flash scary , inside which will be distributed even more scary sounds unusual for us . “Book” warns that they in no way be intimidated. These frightening mirages come from ourselves, from the unconscious part of our “I” . If we recognize ourselves in them , then everything will be fine , but if not , then we will cover the insane fear that can kill . If we start here, scared , run away – not realizing that we run away from ourselves , we will break down lower and lower , until finally , not embodied in the new terrible world .

Is always a choice

” The visions that appear in succession to the dead , have different colors : blue, white , yellow, red , green, gray . All these colors symbolize the worlds in which you may start a new life soul . Their – six instead of one , as used to think in the West. deceased , choosing any of these colors the rest , thereby determines its future incarnation in one of these worlds. colors that consistently occur before the dead , have , according to the Tibetan “Book ” two faces : bright and dim . Lama Recommend prefer bright colors , to merge with one of them – it will allow people to go to the other , happier “dimensions” . Nevertheless Lama warned that make it extremely difficult . Why ? because bright colors dazzle and frighten – as in earthly life . and if the soul is not yet ready to fire worlds , she pushed away from them and even attracted to the fact that her tune. Dark smoked gray space can seem so warm , cozy, entailing . and the fact that this color painted world hell , will emerge in the future … just get out of these worlds is extremely difficult.

That’s what the six primary colors. Dull white colored world of devas ( gods ) , smoky gray – hell , blue and yellow – the world of ” brain-spun beings” ( people ) , a dim reddish – the world of restless spirits ( rushing) , dull green – the world of warring giants ( asuras ) , dimly blue – the world of animals ( animals but not in our usual understanding ) .

Devas world is above all , he is something akin to the Christian heaven. In the world of devas no toil, the hardships of life , on the contrary , there are rampant lightheartedness and enjoyment.
Hell is almost identical to the Christian hell, and we find ourselves in it is bad for the sins of his past life .

Especially interesting is the preta world – restless , confused spirits. The existence of such a world downright begs of all that we see on earth. We meet a lot of people who feel eternally unsatisfied , outcasts , not confident. If we go after death in certain worlds of Samsara , it is logical to assume that before the birth of each of us was in any of them. Those people who are on the earth behave like restless spirits may have come to earth from there. Therefore, the conditions for their implementation ( choice of parents , original environment , internal inclination ) contribute to the fact that they were held in that capacity . But the goal of our development should be to come back after death into the world , where we came from , and rise higher and higher.

People power and aggressive attracted to the world of the asuras – warring giants. Have you meet people who become enemies everywhere ? They can not live without enemies – even if the claim otherwise and believe in it yourself . This all-consuming passion leads to the fact that all life is spent in constant struggle with others. And though they blame it on others, in fact they can not live without a fight , which is constantly fueling their emotions – the emotions to which they are drawn all his being ( and suffer from it yourself.) They live as if the enemy within , which poisons their lives , but they are in bondage. Outlet for these people are prohibitions that are easy to manage and they vent their frustration . Prohibitions if they have little faith in their own strength , the asuras looked very strong and active. Nevertheless, their self-esteem constantly wounded , as they tend to everywhere championship.

Dull blue colored world of animals . According to the Buddhist esoteric teaching , we all present people who have already passed the stage of the animals and no longer have to go back there. But the one who did not seek in life to knowing who it seemed boring, who degraded in the process of life , will be attracted to a world whose inhabitants are below the development of the human world . He seems comfortable with them as they do not infringe upon his feelings and not be reminded of his imperfection . And just finally collapsed there, he feels unsatisfied deprived full communication.

If the deceased was not able to merge with any of them occurs before dazzling auroras and at the same time ignored five of the six worlds dim before him the road to the only remaining world – the world of men . That’s how we come again to this world , forgetting about past lives , but keeping in mind all the good and bad things that have done in previous incarnations .

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