Choose artifacts – a matrix of biological life?

Choose artifacts - a matrix of biological life?Are strange artifacts that are all over Russia, be the matrix of biological life ?

Residents of the city Dalnegorsk in Primorsky Krai is still remembered as January 29, 1986 at 19 hours 55 minutes in the sky silently appeared reddish ball . Several times he rose and fell , and then as if hit the hill , bounced a few times , like a child’s ball, and then completely disappeared – seemingly fell.

Of course , he immediately found many volunteers rinuvshihsya seek traces of the mysterious flying object . Height 611 , where he was supposed to show up , soon became famous. In this region many expeditions dispatched , but no remnants of a meteorite or crashed UFO or missile was detected, and the strange ball forgotten. However, a former senior researcher at the Central Research Institute of Geological Prospecting for Base and Precious Metals Elena Matveeva still treasure it holds out a box of tea , which are composed of tiny beads and spirals of old maritime expeditions – are artifacts that have been found on the very same hill . Matveeva suggests that they have a meteoritic origin , but her hypothesis scientific community did not intrigued . Two years later – in 1988 – at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences Professor Victor Skavinsky during an expedition to this region by proton magnetometer recorded six points of the magnetization field cherts . Eyewitness unexpectedly confirmed: ball really ” jump ” on the ground. Decided to comb through the impact area again and found a huge amount of silicon strongly blackened debris , cracked like high temperatures. They were noticeable if nabryzgannye tiny beads – tiny particles of silver metal .

Experts from the Institute of Carbon Chemistry, Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences found that these balls are divided into at least a few types. First – lead alloy weight of 60 grams of regular shape with openings leading inside. Second – iron 15 -gram ” droplets ” only 2-4 millimeters in diameter . Some of them are topped with convex glass-like structures , to clarify the nature of which has neither physicists nor metallurgist . Melting point they have almost a hundred degrees lower than conventional alloys. It is also strange that all the samples are magnetized , while exposure to high temperatures usually removes the magnetic properties of materials.
The third type is perhaps the most mysterious – ” mesh .” Still not known what it is . According to Elena Matveeva , under the electron microscope on the surface ” mesh ” discovered quartz filament thickness of 17 microns , which is three times thinner than a human hair. These threads are intertwined and twisted into a neat wiring . In one of the threads was found “golden section” – the finest strip of gold, miraculously finds himself in the center of ” mesh “. Later gold veins were found in other samples.

” Mesh ” shows amazing properties – says Matveeva . – Insoluble in strong acids , can withstand temperatures of up to three thousand degrees in vacuo , and the air is combusted at 900 degrees . In the normal state is an insulator , with some heating – semiconductor , upon heating in a vacuum – the conductor . After dropping into liquid nitrogen exhibits supermagnetic properties . ” But the most fantastic not even that. According to the researchers , in the ” mantle ” as if by magic there are new chemical elements , and the old disappear , which generally does not seem to be . Before heating in vacuum X-ray diffraction analysis showed the gold, silver and nickel , and after warming up , they disappeared . Although according to the testimony electron microscope nothing melted and vaporized . But there were molybdenum, tungsten and beryllium sulfide . The question is, where?

“It is very difficult to give an unambiguous assessment of such findings, – says Elena Matveeva . – Although it is not only in Dalnegorsk , but in the Northern Urals , Altai and even near Moscow geologists find similar artifacts. Strange Findings have become commonplace. Understand what it is, we can not . ” According to the researcher , the origin of man-made artifacts assume virtually impossible. In terrestrial conditions is unlikely to succeed to make such a thin thread , and then paste it in a mixture of metals with different melting point.

There was a version of meteoritic origin of the strange balls : when entering the Earth’s atmosphere at the fourth cosmic speed the evaporation of low-melting substances meteorite and enrichment of its surface elements such as , for example , iridium , tungsten, other metals commonly found in mysterious alloys. However, neither confirm nor deny this assumption failed. “Until now, no known meteorite – no iron or stone , which would have been marked finds native tungsten ” – that the answer came from the Committee on Meteorites RAS.

Meanwhile hypotheses for the origin of artifacts heard plenty . They often contradict each other . In the American authoritative Sky & Telescope magazine published a study that the height of the debris fell 611 secret military spy satellite USA. Expert USSR Ministry of Defense , Colonel Alexander Plaxin argued that hill crashed car. But experts from the Institute of Electric Welding . EO Paton Institute of Geochemistry and Mineral Physics in Kiev concluded : trace of meteoritic material , namely taenite and kamacite and Widmanstatten figures , the samples were found. There’s also found that power Dalnegorsky ball was equal 10,000 megawatts – about two Krasnoyarsk HPP. For comparison : power rocket ” Proton ” – only about 50 megawatts. What was this object and how it moves ?

Nominated even the most fantastic version , not without aliens. But there is a paradoxical assumption : to burst to the surface from its interior as a result of volcanic activity and lightning and strange materials in turn – nothing but the remains of the inorganic forms of life, resting in the depths of the earth’s crust . This conclusion comes Senior Researcher, Institute of General Physics . Prokhorov RAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Vadim Tsytovich and his colleagues in Germany and Australia , studied the behavior of complex mixtures of inorganic materials in the so-called dusty plasmas . Until now it was thought that because of the chaotic motion of the plasma ions and electrons is incapable of self-organization. However, Vadim Tsytovich and his colleagues managed to create a computer model of molecular dynamics , which demonstrated the possibility of such self-organization. One of the possible forms of inorganic material – double helix retained due to electrostatic attraction . It is this form lies at the basis of the DNA molecule . It turned out that these inorganic double helices behave much like the molecules of heredity – can unravel and form their own copies , interact with neighboring helices and evolve into more complex structures . Scientists believe that these helical structures can occur in interstellar space , where there is space dust , and conditions are similar to those incorporated in the computer model. The same conditions may arise from lightning and volcanic eruptions , which are at an early stage of development of the Earth occurred constantly .

But what is seen over Dalnegorsk ? Perhaps a huge fireball suggests Vadim Tsytovich . This may explain the lack of debris on the supposed site of the “fall ” of the object , and a strong magnetization of the samples , and their complex helical nature. “Inorganic double helices within the environment , rich in organic matter , in his time could serve as a kind of templates for the formation of complex biomolecules with similar topology ,” – he says . That is not possible that these artifacts – our distant “relatives” , telling about the history of the origin of life .


Valery Rudakov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences , Senior Researcher, Institute of Physics of the Earth . Schmidt RAS:

– In the depths of our planet’s serious passions boil . There are cases when the intersection of several faults formed cracks in the several tens of meters deep , and their edges were hot water or rocks heated to several hundred degrees . Cyclones and anomalous geomagnetic situation exacerbate these processes , sometimes leading them to a very impressive effects – the so-called plain earthquakes and termokatastrofam . Thus can be explained by the fact that humans and animals caught in the “anomalous” zone , experience a range of unusual sensations . Formation of various complex chemical compounds and possibly including Dalnegorsky ” droplets ” – the result of these reactions.
Arnold Kadik , deputy director of the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry . Vernadsky :

– In the 70s of the last century in Guadalajara were found mysterious balls , the origin of which caused a lot of intriguing questions . Media outlets were quick to report that this fossilized alien ships around them there is ” anomalous field ” in which appliances are going wild , stop watch, and living organisms display a deviation from normal behavior . Meanwhile, three balls were delivered to the University of New York , where they were sawed and subjected to a thorough examination and analysis. No traces of material culture in them was found. Scientists answer is clear: an alloy of rare earth metals , repeatedly twisted into a spiral. The greater the magnification, the more complex and confusing picture . Chemical properties exhibited by these alloys , is really quite mysterious. Nevertheless, it is obvious to geologists that the balls are likely to have a natural origin . Their creator – nature . Obviously, 25-40 million years ago in the area of Central America woke up several volcanoes. Their eruptions caused enormous earthquake. Lava, red-hot ash covered a giant terrestrial space. Glass particles ejected from the volcanic throat, began to form a sphere, which then turned into balls . Balloon ideal shape can be formed if crystallization occurs uniformly in all directions , and on the surface they could go as a result of the so-called eksofolizatsii – weathering working in areas with large diurnal . However, where the temperature is more stable, find similar beads, but underground. Their size can range from large to ultra-low values. It is their tiny fellow , apparently , found in Dalnegorsk.

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