“Black” places on the roads

"Black" places on the roadsMany scholars argue that the highest number of road accidents occur in the so -called geopathic zones. This is where a person feels unwell, and devices are failing . This statement is supported by a large amount of statistical data , moreover, in Austria, Germany and several other countries have already appeared signs “Attention ! Geopathic zone » . And in the U.S. in recent decades in the construction of roads in addition to geologists, geophysicists and ecologists participating physicians and even psychics .

Scientists blame geopathic zones

According to the findings of scientists in Moscow, about 15 % of the tracks are in geopathic zones (ILI) . In Kiev, revealed 14 most accident-prone areas , where most accidents occur and people are dying. In Almaty, recorded 45 emergency anomalous intersections in Astana – 10.

Scientists believe that geopathic zones are fallen asleep on the beds of rivers and tectonic fault lines , their formation may affect active karst areas , ore bodies , pipelines, tunnels , subways and mines .
Officially, the traffic police on the influence of anomalous zones drivers reject , arguing that every accident is an objective reason. Unofficially, most of them recognizes the existence of unexplained factors because of which on some streets , intersections , squares and intercity highways accidents happen much more frequently than others.

A group of researchers conducting an analysis of road accidents in the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg and on the highway Petersburg – Murmansk , concluded that the number of road accidents in the anomalous zones are 2-6 times higher than outside . According to them, in these areas the earth’s mantle highlights radon , helium, mercury vapor and other gases harmful to human health . Furthermore, in the field of faults , especially at the sites of their crossing , observed changes in magnetic and electric fields , and active development of pathogenic forms of bacteria and microbes , violations of the ion composition of the air and many other unpleasant phenomena .

Our ancestors knew

“Black” places have been known for a long time . There are not people settled and paved roads – preferred to make a detour and go around the black spot . It is known , for example, that in the construction of St. Petersburg on the cuttings for future avenues and streets of the trees hung pieces of raw meat – where it quickly decay , houses did not put.

Black spots as determined by the behavior of animals and using dowsers . Effect beyond the widely known – biolocation mechanism associated with involuntary muscle contractions at the intersection of human fault zone , which , as a rule, are formed by underground springs . That is not a twig , or metal frame flier finds water , and the lozohodets . By the way , there is speculation that the reason some accidents were just involuntary muscle contractions driver’s hands .

However, the mechanism of action of geopathic zones has not been studied , and the hypothesis put forward by scientists , yet to be confirmed . However, the fact that these regions have a negative impact on people , no doubt – actions drivers are inadequate not only in the area , but after crossing . With about 5% of people do not notice anything at all . On the remaining anomalous zones have different effects – apparently , it depends on the characteristics of the human body . Someone , he found himself in the “black ” site , sees the wall , someone mist someone imagining any devilry , and someone falls into a depression and falls asleep.

magic pyramid

One of the first started to develop a means of protection from the effects of the drivers of geopathic zones Almaty scientists . According to media reports , they have developed special pyramidal schungite converters with a range of up to 150 m significantly improve the human condition . Such devices have been installed several years ago as an experiment in the field combined geochemical, geophysical and energy fields – at the crossroads of several particularly dangerous streets. Before there was a high accident rate , which , according to a traffic police, after installing the pyramids decreased almost twice .

Another development of scientists from Almaty steel converters , which can be installed in the car. Appar ently , they have proven themselves well , anyway , Kazakhstan already operates a plant for the production of catalytic converters anomalous zones . However, bought its products so far only foreigners .

Fatal mark ” 239 ”

There is another version appears on the roads “black” seats. According to her, these places are the accumulation of evil forces . Some dark psychic area where ghost easily seize people and leads to tragedy on the roads.
For example, in January 1929 in Germany opened a new freeway between Bremen and Bremerhaven . It was much wider than the old one, had better road surface and therefore considered more secure , but in the 12 months since the day it opened , it was more than a hundred car accidents . And almost all of them occurred on a straight section of the road, near milepost ” 239 “, and the survivors of the accident , motorists in one voice said that they felt like their cars off the road takes some unknown force .

Apogee disaster occurred on September 7, 1930 , when just 9 cars went off the track at the fateful post ” 239 .” The day was dry and serene , natural explanations of what happened was not, and therefore express their opinions offered scientists . They came to the conclusion that the cause was a constant accidents powerful electromagnetic pulse underground , but no way to neutralize the impact of this factor acting with alarming regularity , not offered . Then, the authorities resorted to the old tried and tested method : Deadly post- marker ” 239 ” piled up, moved up and the ground beneath it sprinkled with holy water. After that accident on the road stopped.

Exorcist against disasters

Already in the 60s of the last century English clergyman , Dr. Donald A team in his book “Memoirs of Modern Exorcist ” argued that the number of road accidents connected with the machinations of evil forces. “Black” space on the roads A team attracted attention after hospital sister spoke to him about one of the car accident victims . Dying driver claimed that riding on an empty stretch of road in front of him loomed when the white dots , and he felt an uncontrollable urge to send a car to the oncoming truck . It is curious that the driver of the truck , the victim is much less talked about the same effort to keep the forehead counter machine.

Intrigued by Dr. A team studied several hundred cases of head-on collisions and police reports , visiting hospitals, rehabilitation centers and talked with survivors of the accident, the driver . Studies have helped him identify a number godforsaken road sections , after which he visited them and spent the rite of exorcism .

In 1971, BBC TV crew from the BBC made ​​a documentary film about the work of a priest. They fixed the process of exorcism on a segment of road between Charmouth and Morkombileykom in Somerset , which had a notorious emergency dangerous place . The film made ​​the audience so impressed that after his show , it was decided to investigate and find out how the facts contained therein are true . Data were confirmed: 17 months before the consecration the “black” section 16 disasters occurred , and for the next six months – not one.

Interpret these facts as you like, but it is hardly reasonable to dismiss them , because for each of the priests prevented disasters – health and often lives.

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