Birth of the Universe

Birth of the UniverseImagine that somewhere in the depths of the infinite Absolute born giant idea – the creation of the universe , populated by reasonable people . When this idea failed to gain enough energy began the birth of our universe. 13-14 billion years ago, under the influence of the will and consciousness of the Absolute white hole powerful fountain were born giant fiery vortices .

The fact that these vortices could be really , Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences SG Fedosin in the journal ” Consciousness and physical reality ,” writes: ” If there really is an expansion , then it should decrease during the initial fluctuations and the rotation of galaxies substance . Contact extrapolation in time leads to the problem of unusually large fluctuations and giant vortices strange reason. “

Following the theory of physical vacuum , developed by academics spikes during the expansion space giant eddies, which escaped from a white hole space , disintegrated on spatio-temporal vortices right and left rotation , forming a primary torsion fields, which are carriers of Consciousness. Shipov writes : ” Torsion fields appear in all points of the universe and instantly covered her entire time – they have no concept of sharing or speed .”

In short, the Will of the Absolute mortgaged it implements matrix as primary torsion field carrier Consciousness.

The question arises : if there was something before the birth of the universe? We can imagine, for example , the birth of the child , ie output from its mother’s womb into the environment, in our real space. Him , the child was to be born and where to grow. And where was born and what ( where) our universe is expanding ?

Some scientists believe that if anything was not, then the universe would be nowhere to be born , and had nothing to expand. However, the universe was born and began to grow from zero to gigantic proportions . Rightly suggested that in addition to the material world , there is also a non-material environment in which it was born , and our universe is expanding . This intangible, unlike the physical environment can be called an ideal space . And in this ideal space besides our universe there are other parallel universe.

In accordance with the new hypothesis , as a result of the information explosion did our newborn universe , which is a solid shapeless continuity and weightless photons antiphoton ( Ognya! ) , the physical volume, weight and rest mass is zero. This continuity is a purely informational structure not contain anything real . It may be called the photon plasma.

It is out of the Fire , as of the One Source , according to Helena Roerich , the universe was created . In his Doctrine AGNI she writes: ” All items come from a single element – FIRE ! ” And he adds : “The world has a fiery expression called psychic energy .”

However, the Light of the Absolute which created the universe is different from the light with which we humans are familiar with. At one time E.Rerih wrote: ” People have mixed with the concept of light illumination. Light Subtle World has no relation to the earth’s understanding of sunlight . ”

The fact that the perceived eyes light (illumination ) of an electromagnetic nature and the Creator created our universe of Light torsion nature.

According to the director of the International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, Academician Akimov : “Fire power from the physical point of view is manifested through torsion fields . Coincidence properties of torsion fields with properties of psychic energy is yet another proof of the correctness of the identification of Agni ( psychic energy ) with generalized physical vacuum ” .

Thus, under the generalized physical Vacuum Academician Akimov has in mind the three higher levels of subjective physics : Absolutely nothing , primary torsion fields and the physical vacuum . From his point of view: ” Generalized Physical Vacuum is the source of ALL! “.
Subjectively, the human brain both reflected the same, which is why people have mixed with divine Light illumination. However, the divine Light people see the inner vision . Scientists International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics experiments using torsion generator proved that the perceived inner vision Light has torsion nature.
It is worth noting that torsion and electromagnetic field can not exist in a pure form , for example , gravity . They are always in some extent superposed . Any electromagnetic field is simultaneously torsion field source , and conversely, the torsion field can not exist in a pure form , separately from the electromagnetic field.

The resulting primary torsionnnoe field represents a set of vortices of the right and left rotation , each of which is smaller than the size of the elementary particles . Such vortices fill the entire space of the universe , and they have no rest mass , have no physical characteristics , except for the spin characteristics associated with torsion , do not transmit energy but transmit information . Transmission of information is due to the interaction of quantized vortices , almost instantly. Found that the velocity of propagation of the torsion waves of at least 109C , where C is the speed of light in vacuum, C = 300000km/sek .

The program was the creation of the Universe ” initial impetus ” in the birth of the universe and its further free development without the participation of the Absolute , but under his complete control. This control is carried out by means of the field of consciousness of the universe (one might say , the Logos of the universe ), or in the terminology of academician Kaznacheeva – with the help of the Cosmic Intelligence , which all creates and controls everything .
As a result, the first information explosion apparently born antiphoton which creates an extremely small amount of negative space , * appears almost simultaneously with the first photon extremely small amount of positive energy.

* The theory of relativity is known that every simultaneity in the material world is relative and depends on the reference frame of the observer . Processes of birth of a white hole the same number of positive and negative energy , occurring simultaneously with respect to an ideal space , are not simultaneous with respect to the material world. In our physical world , there can be no absolutes , and , therefore, can not be anything simultaneously . Photons and Antiphoton can be born and die with some unimaginably small ahead or behind in relation to each other.

Then, the positive energy of photons increases continuously while and equivalent increases negative energy spaces . Space dimensions grow in all directions at the speed of light . Photons are emitted in this growing space as the speed of light . Thus was born and began to expand the universe , as a zero sum ​​continuously growing energy opposites.
The question arises : why does not occur at birth annihilation of positive energy photons and negative energy – antiphoton ?

Photon and antiphoton , being electrically neutral , have oppositely energies and repel each other , moving away from the danger of annihilation . In contrast, the electron and positron , having opposite charges and stand masses attract each other electric and gravitational forces cancel each other , and immediately after his birth – annihilated .

The conversion of photon plasma in the hydrogen plasma . Newborn movement photons antiphoton in the universe begins simultaneously in all directions , and immediately the speed of light . The temperature and density of the mass in the universe (ie saturation of the vacuum space with positive energy photons ) also had a very specific initial value . According I. Novikov , the density of the vacuum of space, which is called the average density was 2 10-33 kg/m3 . At this density there is complete harmony between the positive and negative energy photon energy of the vacuum space ( antiphoton ) . This condition is called a saturated energy .

Photons move at the speed of light in the power saturation space creates an extremely high temperature and inevitably leads to the simultaneous birth of matter and antimatter , an electron and a positron , proton and antiproton , etc. At relatively low temperatures of particle and antiparticle newborns immediately after birth annihilate , ie again converted into photons .

Relationship between processes of creation and annihilation of electron-positron pairs is determined primarily by the temperature of the medium. The balance between these processes comes at a temperature approximately equal to 10 billion K. According to the data universe newborn temperature was significantly higher K. 10000000000 . There are suggestions that it reached 30 mlrd.K.

With such a high temperature , which at that time took place in the newborn Universe , the process of electron-positron pairs prevailed over the process of annihilation . In an environment supersaturated photons , even with a temperature over 10 billion K, there was an intensive process of converting photons into electron-positron pairs , ie the process of turning energy into clean weightless weighty matter.

As a result, formed an electrically neutral particle real – neutron, consisting of approximately 1840 electrons and positrons , and a positively charged proton , in which the number of positrons is one greater than the number of electrons. Ie formed the elementary particles of matter as ” clusters ” or ” concentrates ” positive energy.

As the cooling medium becomes more stable proton , neutron, and what ultimately , in the universe of protons is more than neutrons. However, in any case, the number of electrons equal to the number of protons .

Each pair consisting of one proton and one electron, is a split hydrogen atom . Highly heated gas which consists of positively and negatively charged ions , the hydrogen plasma is called * . The higher the temperature of the primitive environment , the faster the photon plasma turned into a hydrogen plasma , ie, the faster clean energy is converted into matter . So in our universe formed the first hydrogen cloud .

Some scientists believe that every cloud of hydrogen plasma consisting of electrons and protons , there must be one cloud antihydrogen plasma consisting of positrons and antiprotons. However, co- occurrence of clouds of hydrogen and antihydrogen plasma within the same galaxy is unlikely , for extremely high risk of extinction of the Universe .

Likely antihydrogen plasma clouds are in another galaxy , as each galaxy consisting of the substance , there should be another galaxy , consisting of antimatter.
In hydrogen plasma contains not only the splitting of the atom of hydrogen. It is known that at temperatures over 10 mln.K hydrogen burns to form helium. At temperatures in excess of 100 lit mln.K helium to form carbon and oxygen. At temperatures in excess of 500 lit mln.K carbon to form magnesium and sodium at a temperature above 1mlrd.K oxygen burns to form sulfur , phosphorus , silicon and so on .

Low newborn Universe was much higher. Thus, in the primeval hydrogen plasma contained split atoms of many chemical elements , but in small quantities.
With regard to education agents in 1976 Professor Bova in his book “The New Astronomy ” published in Moscow, wrote: “The expansion of the universe due to the continuous creation of matter. For some unknown reason the substance is created continuously atom by atom … Nothing ! “.

But once there was a substance that appeared and the gravitational force that attracts the plasma particles , which began to shrink around the white hole . The resulting cloud of hydrogen plasma was compressed by gravitational forces and rotated around its center . Due to compression cloud density grew, and when it (density ) exceeded 10-33kg/sm3 , white hole closed . Energy flow stopped , most of the photons turned into a substance and a smaller part of them went into the surrounding space.

Conversion of clean energy hydrogen plasma caused a decrease in ambient temperature. Positive mass attracted to each other by gravitational forces , forming protostars and protogalaxies . Began the creation of the physical world , but not ” anyhow ” and strictly according to plan conceived the Absolute.
Influencing information on particle hydrogen plasma matrix space so organized their movement , and so wove chain information ( energy flow ) that the visible universe has acquired a honeycomb structure in the “image and likeness” of the matrix itself . Not accidentally galaxies and their clusters are located in the space is not chaotic and not uniformly , and well-defined way , form a kind of network , resembling a honeycomb .

In primitive clouds of hydrogen plasma contained not only split the atoms of chemical elements , but also coded a program under which the next stage of evolution of the universe accompanied by the formation of the solar system and planets.

One of the hydrogen plasma clouds in our galaxy shrunk so that it separated from the denser “pieces” from which planets formed . One of these was our planet Earth.

According to a Soviet scientist EP Levitin : “Harmony and order in the movement and position of the planets and their satellites , being a source of great aesthetic satisfaction , amaze everyone who joins the now uncovering the secrets of the Solar System ! “.

In the primitive earth hydrogen atoms with oxygen atoms connected to form water . The carbon atoms connected by oxygen atoms to form carbon dioxide , which is required for the plant. The hydrogen atoms combine with nitrogen atoms or carbon , formed , respectively , methane and ammonia. Molecule of methane , ammonia, carbon dioxide and water involved in the formation of the simplest forms of biological life on Earth.

Began on Earth , biological evolution encoded in the depths of the Absolute photons. Not accidentally academician Treasurers writes: ” Earth is a kind of product cosmophysical planetary evolutionary process of living … Cosmos experiments prove conclusively that the molecular nucleic essence is just a consequence of the field of space flows, and as a primary property cosmophysical scale field forms should be living substance »»

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