Bigfoot: 2007 certificate

Bigfoot: 2007 certificateOne of the earliest historical evidence of the existence of Bigfoot ( Yeti ) goes back to the famous Plutarch . According to him , in his time, had caught a case of satire soldiers of the Roman general Sulla. Known Maupassant story “Horror ” on the meeting of the outstanding Russian writer Ivan Turgenev with a female Bigfoot. Documented that in the XIX century lived in Abkhazia people Zana woman , like a snow man and people who had inherited several children , normally integrated into human society . In 1921 the existence of the Yeti said Howard – Bury , a famous mountaineer , who led an expedition to Everest. In the 20- ies of XX century in Central Asia were allegedly caught several yetis , imprisoned and executed after unsuccessful interrogations as basmaches . Lieutenant colonel of medical service in the Soviet Army in 1941 Karapetyan made ​​direct inspection of live wild man caught in Dagestan, “animal” was shot shortly .

Last witnesses

Many stories about ” meeting ” and refer to the 1970-1990 years. But the most recent meeting was held on May 4, 2007 .

A resident of Cranbrook , British Columbia (Canada) Gord Johnson went on his truck in a normal flight . Suddenly flashed his lights at a few meters away a strange human figure . The meeting took place in the early morning and the road was empty. As soon as the car being noticed Johnson , it began to approach . Soon a truck driver with horror for himself realized that this was no ordinary man : big hands were getting to his knees , his head was tapered, and the whole body was covered with blond hair .

Says Dr. Helmut Lufs : ” There are hundreds of reports of Bigfoot around the world: in the Himalayas are called Yeti, China – Yeren, in North America – Sasquatch or Bigfoot, on the territory of Indochina is ” forest man ” , and in Australia – Yahoo, Yowie , or ” hairy man.” There is also information about the existence of these creatures and in other countries under different names . They were seen in Indonesia, Malaysia , Myanmar, Pakistan, the Caucasus, Mongolia, Africa and even in South America. My own hypothesis based on years of research , is this: the world really exist primates different from apes and Homo sapiens . These species – or even unknown to us monkeys or non-sapiens hominids ( people inferior to the common man in mind ) , the Neanderthals did not evolve . ”

April 25, 2007 in the north of the U.S. couple picking mushrooms in the forest . Wife suddenly lost sight of each other . After another fungus torn woman looked up and was horrified to discover she saw a man standing about 15-20 feet away . Looking closer, she realized that it was not quite human : The creature was covered in dark brown fur , and its growth exceeded 2 meters. It stood motionless and stared quietly at her . The longer a woman stared at him, the more she thought it was like a statue , standing perfectly still . For a moment the woman turned away , so look through the eyes of her husband . When she returned his gaze towards strange creature , she found a small passage – ” Bigfoot ” was hiding behind a tree, so that you could only see his shoulders. American frightened , screaming , rushed to the side stood a little way off the machine. Her cry to the car ran uptight husband catching wife sitting in a car and trembled . Later, a man recalled that , walking in the woods , felt like someone was following him at a distance and mutters something in a low voice , like a rustling . Then he took it as a joke of his better half . It was only after the story of his wife , he realized that he was being followed that same creature as a woman at that time was looking for mushrooms in another place .

Another recent testimony meeting with Bigfoot is dated March 2, 2007 . Near the city of Indianapolis ( Indiana, USA ) American Bigfoot hit by a car . Witness the incident , a resident of the State of Indiana , the day left work early and heading home by car on the highway north of Indianapolis . Suddenly, his colleague , who was riding in a jeep in front of him , he began to brake sharply . Witness some reason I thought that perhaps now it will run out before the deer . But he was wrong . A few seconds later he saw some dark fur covered creature was walking on the road on two legs . Clashes with ” Bigfoot ” jeep driver could not be avoided – he hurt his back bumper . Drive a little forward , the driver stopped and began to look out for in the rearview mirror of a random accident victim . In the course of a couple of seconds , he saw no one , when something began to slowly climb the ” feet.” “Strange , like a huge man ” being repeatedly tried to stand on two legs , but always fell , uttering high-pitched whine . This whole situation did not last long . Suddenly ” Bigfoot ” sharply rushed deep into the forest . After seeing both witness a long time could not recover.

Met ” Bigfoot ” in the past year – in September. Mountains Sagra de Cristo . New Mexico. Colorado. 67 -year-old Arturo Martinez with his friend roamed the woods and noticed many uprooted and scattered on the road aspens . After seeing the place where the trees grew , they found no trace of draws . They were sure – it could do no bear or any other animal . Once Arturo and buddy was gathered off the eerie forest , near a shrill howl. And this was more like a howling scream turns into an eerie scream. Just a moment in front of them out of the ground like giant creature increased growth of about two and a half meters.

Stopping monster in seconds uprooted several aspens and threw them towards the car Martinez. According to the testimony of men , the creature stood on two legs and was covered in dark fur . “To bear it clearly was not like ” – later recalled Martinez . Nothing left but to flee with all haste . Machine use is unlikely to be published – the tires were punctured . Men pulled at full speed , and the Abominable Snowman ( so says Martinez ) long ran after them , throwing them in the trees. All of evil behavior accompanied by his shrieks .

Scientific reality ” Bigfoot ”

Russia’s only serious researcher Professor Valentin yetis Sapunoff many years gathering material about these beings worldwide. Sc.D. Sapunoff believes that the “mystery of Bigfoot has two aspects. Let’s call them biological and anomalous. Biological aspect reduces to confirm the reality of his existence as a species . Evidence to support that side, can be divided into six groups : the testimony traces biological damage , feces , photos and film footage , parts of the body . On each of these groups of evidence can speak for a long time . But it hardly makes sense . It is written so much that should be confined to a common outcome .

You can argue about each particular circumstance associated with Bigfoot . You can talk about the reliability of certain findings. We can argue the relatively few fuzzy photos , film and videotapes . But taken together, this material can not be deleted from the scope of scientific knowledge. It clearly shows : for all messages worth real biological species belonging to the order of primates . His place in the evolution and structure of the biosphere – between humans and apes . This is not just my personal opinion , but the official position of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and its successor – the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 1958 , she worked as ” commission to study the question of ” Bigfoot ” , led by such indisputable authorities as S.V.Obruchev , K.V.Stanyukovich , B.F.Porshnev . He was a part of her Nobel laureate Tamm . The Commission proceeded from the position that we are talking about the primacy , degraded branch Neanderthals lived up to our days. Results were not annulled Commission followed the work of the USSR Academy of Sciences and . Moreover, this same position in the future set out in official handbooks Academy composed N.F.Reymersom other authors , edited a corresponding member AVYablokov and reflecting the views of many prominent scientists. ”

Ideas about Bigfoot and its various local analogs are very interesting from the point of view of ethnography. Image of a huge terrible person may reflect the natural fears of the dark , uncertain relationship with the mystical forces of different nations . It is possible that for yetis taken by people with an unnatural hairline or feral people .


Problem ” Bigfoot ” study is needed. However , using conventional methods of observation for wild ” animal ” , we must remember the following. This – not just one of the rare species. This – alternative and unknown way of human development . Each step on it can bring amazing knowledge and threatens to unknown dangers.

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