Big Bang – the biggest myth!

Big Bang - the biggest myth!Now … the very science that ” killed ” God restores faith in Him. Physicists have stumbled on signs that the cosmos is designed specifically for the existence of life and consciousness.
Steven Weinberg , a Nobel laureate in physics

Trying to explain the appearance of a universe without any of the Higher Forces , scientists in the mid-twentieth century created the theory that it was the result of the so-called Big Bang of the singular ( singular) point. The size of this point can be represented , acquainted with the statement of senior researcher State Astronomical Institute . V.Surdina Sternberg : ” The early universe was so small that even the atom proton compared to it might seem the Moon .” A point from which it appeared , was even less .

And in this krohotule , at this point , all concentrated substance future of the Universe ( the subtle world and physical ) .

What was before the Big Bang , and why it happened , this theory is silent.

However, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences , Doctor of Physics and Mathematics I. Tkachev openly admits : “What was in the beginning, we certainly do not know. It could be some kind of quantum fluctuation and something else. But most likely , it was something small in the spatial dimension and it contained little energy . ”

Becomes interesting , from which , in this case , and by what power did our universe , which still continues to expand at the speed of light , and the substance ( of this ” something small “) continues to fly in all directions.

And if the first second expansion expansion velocity of matter would be different from the actual value by only 10-18 share of its value in one direction or another , then , writes in his book ” Superpower ” famous English physicist Paul Davies , “The universe or long collapsed to its original state ” material point ” under the force of gravity , or substance in it completely vanished . ” This means that the force behind the Big Bang , was designed with incredible precision . I wonder who ?

It is worth mentioning again for the very first time – ” inflationary ” stage of expansion of the universe , which lasted about 10-35 seconds , since that time , as “earned” a world clock . During this time, appeared from the singular point ( from almost nothing) ” embryo ” of the universe had to increase its size to 10,100 times ( AD Landa ” Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmology information “).

From the position of the Big Bang theory of elementary particles ( in fact they are basic and complex formation ) having themselves and the optimal structural and functional form. And it happened in a split second miserable . So , for the emergence of hadrons , leptons and photons took only 10-10 seconds . According to the calculations of physicists around the same time formed protons, neutrons , electrons and all particles according to function harmoniously . As in a fairy tale : “Arise before me like a leaf before the grass !”

Fabulous miracles do not stop there . According to the theory of the Big Bang , the temperature of the particles in a singular point is evaluated fantastic value from 1028 to 1032 K, and the density of matter in the universe at the moment of birth to Academician Ya Zeldovich was supposed to reach 1094 g/cm3.

For comparison , the highest temperature in the interiors of stars are estimated at 108K , and the highest density of matter in the cores of neutron stars reach 1015 g \ cm3.

However, in October 2010, was first discovered superheavy neutron star the size of which ” does not exceed the size of a small city , but the substance of the density is 10-15 times higher than the density of an atomic nucleus .” Since the density of an atomic nucleus is October 14 g/cm3 , the density of superheavy star appeared to be 1.5 x 1015 g/cm3. Incomparable with the density required for the birth of the universe .

By assumption, one of the adherents of the theory of the Big Bang , Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy IS Shklovsky , at the time, when the universe was calculated void fractions of a second , it ” was a ” drop ” sverhyadernoy density, which for some reason has come into an unstable state and exploded .”

Did not explode , did not explode , and then went and blew up ! And this without any outside influence , because in addition to ” drop” nothing no more.
Yes, and do not understand why the matter in this drop is not annihilated . After all , any elementary particles are always produced in pairs with their opposites , for example , an electron and a positron ( anti-electron ) , but having opposite charges and stand masses attract each other electric and gravitational forces cancel each other , and immediately after his birth.

Universe , with a crazy -density ( 1094 g/cm3) concentrated in the ” drop “, must have contained an equal amount of matter and antimatter , which in such a small volume could not avoid the deadly encounter.
Moreover, in the view of the newborn Universe as ” drop ” laid a paradox .

If the universe was once a drop , it is not infinite and eternal . If the density of the “drops” was sverhyadernoy , but not infinite , but the amount of matter in the world is also not infinite. If the matter is not infinite , then it is not eternal. And if it is not eternal , it means that the matter had a beginning . If it had a beginning , then it means that it had created some intangible force .

In short, do not accidentally growing number of scientists reject the theory of the Big Bang. So astrophysicist LM Mukhin compares the Big Bang theory with the sword of Damocles hanging over cosmology. Nobel laureate H. Alfven calls this theory ” insult to good sense .” A Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences SG Fedosin in his article “Problems of fundamental physics and possible solutions to them ,” writes : ” We have every right to say that the Big Bang theory claims to be the biggest myth in the history of physics. Problems posed by this theory and theoretical impasses thoughts are that the only way to fundamentally get rid of them is to abandon the theory itself . ”

Most likely, the adherents of the theory of the Big Bang are feeding on its protection, because nowhere to retreat , ” behind – Moscow » . In other words, it is necessary either to defend the notorious theory or acknowledge creation of the universe by some Higher Intelligence premeditated program agreed to detail .
That is the conclusion in the middle of the last century came to some scientists , who proclaimed the anthropic principle : the universe even before his birth was programmed appearance by the substance of living matter and intelligent creatures .

In ” Revelations people New Age “, which gives people the Creator through Academician LI Maslov , said : “In the beginning was the idea ! … Scientists carried away by the idea to learn the cause of the Big Bang would have to understand what the cause or the Beginning of Beginnings was not an explosion , and pulse energy of the Creator ! “.
Academician GI Spikes, creator of the theory of physical vacuum and torsion fields writes: ” At the highest level of reality plays a decisive role ” primary consciousness ” that serves as the active principle – God and verifiable analytical description . .. And without any exaggeration Absolute “Nothing ” can be given the status of the Creator or the Creator , because it all starts with him … And it does not matter Nothing works , and plans – plans . ”

In line with the anthropic principle birth of the universe , according to the new hypothesis, also derived from the singular point , but unlike the Big Bang theory there was nothing physical , neither matter nor energy. Nothing but down right perfect law of the future of the Universe (” plans – plans” God or ” pulse energy of the Creator “).

This point scientists call white space hole. Back in the 60s of last century, the famous Russian astrophysicist , Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences NA Kozyrev suggested ( and not without reason ) that our parallel universe , there are other universes , and the bond between them by means of tunnels , which are black and white space holes. For black holes in our universe goes into a parallel world of matter , and the white holes from them we receive energy . Orthodox scientific world considers this assumption nonsense adventurer. Today the attitude to ingenious hypothesis Kozyrev otherwise.
Perhaps some of us are more familiar with the name of the black hole than white . In any case you should get acquainted with these amazing phenomena of the cosmos , allowing to understand the process of the birth of the physical universe .

Since black holes are more familiar with science than whites to get acquainted first with cosmic black holes. To understand them , we can understand how a white hole of our universe was born .

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