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Travels between the worlds

Travels between the worldsWe see the world through the prism of our consciousness that today proved quantum physics . In order to see the invisible , you need to change the program or turn out in your mind , with the help of which we can see other worlds . To do this, in many cultures of the world , including our own, Slavonic , developed entire systems of interaction with the worlds around us as well as with their inhabitants .

How can you imagine traveling to other realities ? The transition between the branches of the Tree of Time ( Hronodendrita ) – is, in fact, the passage from one dimension to another , both through the door. We know that our three-dimensional space , ie composed of three mutually perpendicular vectors . Imagine now that our very physical space – is one of the vectors of higher hierarchy . Other vectors are time and probability , or event-driven variability . As time – this additional dimension for each tree and each reality is going inside the tree with a single ” branch ” on the other , we can stay in the same time interval . The transition between the branches or reflections perpendicular to the vector of time should , logically, be accompanied by a stop personal time traveler. Continue reading

model of the Universe 2

model of the Universe 2model based on a system of eight postulates.

1. The universe , as a single entity , is a set of three worlds : the material , and the substantial fine .
2 . The substantial reality world is a nexus that combines material and subtle worlds together.
3 . All three worlds exist in the same space, the objects of each of the worlds are able to penetrate into each other , exist in each other.
4 . All three hierarchical world in space and time . Time, space , and consciousness in the universe is holographic information .
5 . All objects interact each of the worlds can be reduced to two categories: by energy and information.
6. In the universe there are ways to transmit energy and information with speed , ensuring its stability as a whole. Continue reading

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