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Thunderball – hallucination?

Thunderball - hallucination?Thunderball – one of the unsolved mysteries still nature. Its very existence has been questioned repeatedly . She was considered a figment of the imagination . In one of the German physics textbooks of the late XIX century denied the existence of ball lightning as a phenomenon contrary to the laws of nature …

Paralyzed on his feet , healthy died

In fact, the fireball does not occur so rarely . Usually observed moving glowing balls that appear during thunderstorms , sometimes combined with traditional linear lightning. There were cases when the fireball seen outdoors. Sometimes she flies into space , getting there is not only through the doors and windows , but also through an electrical outlet , the handset … Sometimes she killed people, animals, causes burns , but the same is capable of doing and ordinary lightning. However, this is happening and that it is difficult to explain scientifically . Continue reading

parallel world

parallel world“… Life on Earth – is COSMOPHYSICAL phenomenon and the human mind does not just have a certain social organization of intelligence , and the reason is the strength of our planet COSMOPHYSICAL
VI Vernadsky

Until the end of the twentieth century, science has tried to study the life and consciousness with ” clean energy ” physics, ie studied the movement and interaction of matter and energy , leaving out of the question everything about the movement and transformation of information. Physicists have thoroughly studied and implemented through deep technical science into practice our lives three ” dead” fundamental interactions : gravitational, electromagnetic, and strong . But they did not even touch a feature of the interaction of living material bodies , namely information which is basic in its scope and role in nature. Continue reading

Mystery underground civilizations

Mystery underground civilizationsWe can say that this mystery solved , because modern researchers have already made their conclusion – we are not the only people on the planet Earth . Testimonies years old , as well as scientific discoveries 20 – 21 century , argue that the world , or rather , under ground from antiquity to the present day there were mysterious civilization.

Representatives of these civilizations for some reason do not come into contact with people , but still make themselves felt , and terrestrial humanity for a long time there and legends about the mysterious and strange people coming out of the caves sometimes . In addition, modern humans have less and less doubt about the existence of UFOs, which are often observed departing from the ground or from the depths of the seas. Continue reading

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